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10 Ways to Make Yourself Even More Likeable

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Psychology has proved the possibility that, with the help of the right psychological techniques, it is possible to make yourself even more likeable.

But a large part of it lies with the way you interact with others. That said, you need to be sensible with your behaviour and words.

There are a few golden rules that you can consider such as eyebrow flash, head tilt and smile. Here are some more things that you can adopt to make yourself more likeable: 

1. Understand others

To attract other people, it is important to know about their behaviour, particularly their likes and dislikes. For instance, if you know that a person is keen about technology, add this into your conversation. This can quickly create a bond. 

2. Maintain eye contact

It known fact that keeping eye contact during conversation results in greater attraction. Eye contact is one of the easiest and most powerful ways to make a person feel recognised, understood and validated. The simple act of holding someone’s gaze has the power to ignite or deepen a relationship.

3. Be conversational

Nobody wants to talk to someone where it feels like an interview. Share some of your opinions and be engaged during the conversation. Also, when you are with someone, you should ditch your phone – it’s just common courtesy. Nobody wants to spend time with a person who constantly keeps checking on Facebook. 

4. When talking with other people, avoid unnecessary details

This is in addition to being conversational. You’ve probably been in a conversation when the person telling the story forgets a name or a date and then spends the next few minutes trying to remember it, instead of getting on with the story. It’s tedious and boring. You couldn’t have cared less about the name or the date – you just wanted to hear the story. That’s an uncomfortable situation. So when you talk with people keep your story simple but interesting. 

5. Adapt a positive body language

Powerful and prepared words can still fail if you lack positive body language. It’s because, body language is the remaining 55% of the required elements of personal communication. Your conversation needs to be paired with interactive gestures to make you more expressive and engaged.These gestures indicate that you are  to be trusted

6. Smile

A smile goes a long way. If you’re meeting people for the first time, you want to create an impression of being friendly and approachable. If you walk around with a frown or grimace on your face, you may be telling people to keep their distance.

7. Be firm – but don’t be a jerk

If you don’t like something, say it nicely. You don’t have to give in to other people so that they will like you. You only have so much time and energy. Don’t let people take it from you.

8. Call people by their name

A person’s name is the doorway into their world; a person’s name has the power to open a connection into their world, a connection to show them who you are, a connection to pass your feelings of that person through and a connection to show them how you see them. 

9. Be inspiring

Everyone has a story so share your own. We all have moments in our lives that can be considered defining moments – times when a certain thing happened that changed our life trajectory. Sharing these moments of your life helps builds a connections. 

10. Don’t let other people hate you

Hate is personal for the attacker, don’t take it personally. Hate is in the eye of the giver, not on the receiver. People hate what they don’t understand. They reject those who think or look differently. People hate others because of what they reflect about them too. When someone attacks you, avoid getting into a useless battle. No one wins the hatred war. Regardless if someone is passionate and committed to attacking you. Don’t get caught into that tactic. You need two sides to start a war.


Getting someone to like you isn’t a piece of cake, it takes effort and time to create a good bond with a person. Hopefully, these tips will make it a bit easier for you and that you can receive positive results

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Shakir Hassan is a lifestyle blogger. He has an ongoing interest in mental health and well-being. 

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