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Taking the Leap: How to Ask Your Boss for Promotion

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As skilled workers in our trade, we may think that our roles are getting too small over the time spent in the company. It is only natural then that we would request a pay raise for the quality of work and efficiency we render. If our employer sees the same positive input, a pay raise is a guarantee. They would not want to waste such good talent. But for some people, working the same job is not enough. Sometimes, they want to step up and achieve new things in their careers.

Asking for a promotion is a hard decision for both the employee and the employer. The employee has to muster up the strength to ask the big boss for it. The employer has to decide whether the employee deserves it or not. And if things go south, taking rejection can be hard. But, if the employee will not ask for one, how will they know if they have what it takes to be at the next step of their career?

So, here is how you can ask for a promotion.

Prepare yourself

Before asking your boss the big question, you should prepare both of yourselves for it.For you, this means mustering up the courage to ask the said question. Do not forget to dress right for the meeting. Think of it as another job interview.

For your boss, you can bring in a new resume detailing all your recent accomplishments. Put in the key skills and certifications you have achieved that are applicable to the job. A CompTIA Network+ N10-007 certification, for example, will look good on an IT-tailored resume.

Time your meeting

Timing is everything. If your boss has too much on their plate right now, they may not be able to entertain your concern. They might even see you as a nuisance if you press on the issue too hard and too often. If you ask too late, on the other hand, somebody else might step up and take your spot.

Time your meeting and look for chances where the boss is free to talk and does not have much work to do. Some managers do not like surprises, though. So, ask for a meeting about your concern. This will also give them time to prepare and review your performance.

Make a formal presentation

Once that you have secured your meeting with the boss, you should make a formal presentation on why you are perfect for the job. This is your chance to put your resume to life and show them what you are capable of.

Aside from talking about your recent accomplishments, add comments and praises from your coworkers. The more positive feedback you can insert, the better your chances are for getting that promotion that you deserve. But of course, you should not oversell yourself. It might make you look too boastful.

If everything goes well, you should start work soon in a new and better position. This new job will test your skills and throw new problems at you. But if you really want this promotion, you will gladly accept these new working conditions.


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