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How to Style Bras in the Summer

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Bras are no longer for the lingerie drawer. Today, bras are statement pieces that can be worn year-round, everywhere, to play up your feminine side. And it’s completely socially acceptable, some might even say expected, to show off your beautiful bra as often as you can in public.

If you’ve always wanted to take your bra from the sheets to the streets, but haven’t known how to do it with flare, let’s look at eight ways to style bras in the summer.

Show it under a blazer

Blazers are a year-round look. In the summertime, show off your bra under a sleek blazer that’s both bold and modern when the weather is hot. The bra-under-a-blazer look may not be suitable for the office, but it makes a statement when you’re out – day and night, or day into night. You can wear the blazer open or closed. Try to pair the blazer look with big earrings or a necklace that draws attention to your neckline. This will immediately bring people’s attention to your sexy undergarment that’s subtly there, but only from the right angle.

Put it over a t-shirt

On the other end of the formal look, a casual t-shirt can work wonders for your summer bra. With this look, it’s less of a bra and more of an accessory, like a necklace or belt. You can wear any colour that either helps your bra stand out or blends it in. The bra that blends in with a t-shirt might not seem like much of a stylistic choice but it actually catches the eye in a very unobvious, but sexy, way. You can wear this look to a cafe, a club, or even to a concert.

Go sheer with your bra

Nothing can be sexier than a sheer top or dress. With a sheer top, the immediate thought might be to wear a tube top or light tank. But a formal bra underneath will actually captivate the attention of many. With sheer tops and dresses, it’s best to either be dramatic with the look; think big makeup, larger-than-life jewelry, dramatic jacket, and heels – or overly simplistic – maybe a pop of lipstick color, hair up, and let the sheer do the talking. Sheer by design is not an understatement, so you can either play it up or let it speak volumes for you.

Open up a sweater

If you’re casually hanging out with friends or laying low by the beach, style your bra with a cardigan or an oversized, open sweater. Make it a cutesy, or lacy bra that can go with sweatpants, jeans, or even loose-fitting yoga pants. The open sweater look creates a sense of softness to the bra look, rather than straight sexy. And it’s a look that can be worn in front of friends or family (if you’re comfortable).

Grab a silk shirt

To feel sexy in your summer bra style, open a button or two (or three, or all of it) underneath a nice silk shirt. It’ll have you feeling a little nostalgic (this was a big look in the 90s, and it should definitely be brought back). You can pair this style with darker makeup for emphasis – burgundy, red, purple – and big, bold eyelashes. Silk shirts with long sleeves also add a touch of sexy, if you want to tie up the shirt around your waist.

Pair it with jeans

Baggy jeans are the best choice when styling a summer bra. Since the bra is already an eye-catcher, skinny fit or boot cut jeans will emphasize a little too much (unless that’s what you’re going for, then go for it!). You can wear your bra with high-waisted or low-rise baggy jeans, a high pony or let your hair flow, and sneakers. The baggy jeans will complement your mid-section and beautiful bra.

Make it flirty

Just when you thought your summer bra couldn’t get any cuter, make it flirty by pairing it with a long skirt. It might sound like Little House on the Prairie, but a long skirt and summer bra is a free-spirited combination. You can wear darker or lighter colors, form-fitting or loose. With this look, make it casual with a sweater or cardigan, or even a button-down tied around your waist. You can also throw over a blazer. Pair this with wedges or heels.

Mix and match

When it comes to a summer bra, there are endless ways to mix and match styles. If you wanted to be really bold, you could even look up inspiration from the queen of bra style, Madonna. Jeans with a blazer, a skirt with a sheer top, or your summer bra can make a statement with any of these styles. It’s just a matter of how you mix and match it.

Feel your most confident self, and unleash your inner sexy with a summer bra style. 

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