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How to Start an Electric Bike Business in Texas and Organise Teamwork

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A large number of people move around on bicycles, so the business associated with them can be profitable and profitable. The bicycle business can be used for the production, sale or rental of inexpensive motorcycles, or for using your own bicycles. 

Courier service on bicycles, advertising on wheels, bicycle bars, cafes, restaurants, bicycle shops, bicycle goods and accessories for cyclists. There are a lot of business ideas for cyclists. The main thing is to draw up a competent business plan and consistently implement it.

Therefore, the company initially focused on the manufacture of bikes for professional competitions. Bike companies management has never deviated from the company’s main mission: sponsoring cycling competitions, and providing their bikes to famous athletes.

How to open a bike-selling business or bike shop?

Selling bicycles is no doubt a very profitable business in the warm season.

If you are interested in the topic of opening a bike shop with a franchise, we invite you to download our presentation or go to the franchise website.

If you are not considering starting a franchise business, you may be interested in training in bicycle repair.

Another great type of business is an electrical bike. Nowadays many people are interested in purchasing them. You can take a look at e bikes for sale and think about purchasing them and reselling them in your town. 

Consider the main lines of business for the sale of bicycles

  • Sale of bicycles for various purposes and price ranges
  • Sale of spare parts and accessories
  • Sale of scooters, skateboards, hoverboards and other wheeled vehicles

How often and when do people buy bikes?

The greatest demand for bicycles is observed in spring, after the snow melts, in April and May, and gradually subsides by the end of summer.

Who are the main customers of the bike shop?

The main customers of the bike shop are people aged 30–45 who want to buy a bike for themselves or their children, or who already have a bike, but want to equip it with additional accessories, such as a child seat, bike computer, rack, fenders, etc.

The bike shops which have courier drivers are more flexible and usually have higher sales opportunities. Nowadays many people prefer to use courier services, rather than pick by themselves. If you want your business to be successful, then think about having at least 1–2 drivers who can proceed with your deliveries. 

Apps for bike shops

There is a high demand for online purchases in all parts of the world. If you want to have comprehensive experience in sales and enjoy the profit of online sales, then you need to develop an app and website. 

For instance in Texas state, in Houston City, there are many great experiences of app development, which took the business growth to the next level. If you want to have your own app,  you can take a look at app developers in Houston and their experience in app development. From the moment that you will have your bike shop’s app, then you will have more sales online. Apps are flexible, easy to reach and beneficial for such businesses. 

What are the benefits of a bicycle sales business?

The bicycle sales business has a number of advantages, which we will consider below:

  • Does not require deep technical knowledge. Unlike a bike shop, a bike sales business requires sales skills to a greater extent than knowledge of the device of all components and all possible malfunctions of a bicycle. Although basic knowledge is, of course, necessary.
  • Easier to automate. Because A bike shop makes more money selling bikes than it does repairing and maintaining them, which is much easier to automate. However, still there is a need for time tracking and financial tracking for all the departments. If you hire remote customers, you need to track their working hours, and also track in-house employees’ productivity. Learn how to calculate profitability of project to have maximum benefits from your business and not waste resources or money.
  • Easier to scale. Due to the fact that the cycle of the deal in the sale of bicycles is much shorter than in the repair of bicycles, and this business does not require deep technical knowledge in the field of bicycles, such a business is much easier to scale. 

How much can you earn selling bikes?

During the season, a bicycle-selling business can generate from 5000 dollars (average profit from the sale of one bicycle) in net profit per day. Bicycle sales can vary greatly depending on the month and the weather. Weather permitting, peak months like May and June can sell 5–10 or more bikes a day.

What are the possible business formats for the sale of bicycles?

In the business of selling bicycles, it is worth highlighting several formats of work:

  • Street sale of bicycles. This format is characterised by the sale of bicycles on the street, or in some temporary premises, such as a market or street pavilion. Working on the street means selling bikes for the most part, rather than parts and accessories. As a rule, such points work exclusively in the warm season and close immediately after the end of the cycling season.
  • Stationary bike shop. This format implies year-round work indoors, with both bicycles and all necessary spare parts and accessories on sale. In winter, the store is reoriented to the sale of winter sports goods.
  • Bicycle shop-workshop-rental. This format implies year-round work indoors, the presence of a trading floor, a repair zone and a zone for rental equipment. In winter, the store is reoriented to the sale of winter goods, repair and rental of winter sports equipment.

What does it take to open a bike shop?

To open a bicycle shop, you need suitable premises, the necessary area and a good location, the necessary sales equipment, a sufficient product range and, most importantly, efficient and competent sellers.

What are the challenges of a bicycle sales business?

The bicycle sales business has a number of complexities, which we will look at below:

Pronounced seasonality. Stable demand for bicycles is observed only in the warm season. Demand starts sharply from the moment the snow melts and gradually subsides by the end of the summer season. With the onset of cold weather, the demand for bicycles practically disappears.

  • Requires significant investment already at the stage of opening a bicycle shop.
  • Needs more space to sell and store bikes.

Stages of opening a bicycle shop

  • Consider the plan to open a bike shop and start a bike-selling business.
  • Decide on the format of the future business.
  • Find suppliers of bicycles, parts and accessories.
  • Find a suitable room, and sign all the necessary documents.
  • Purchase the necessary set of commercial equipment and tools. Purchase a range of bicycles, parts and accessories.
  • Find the right software for selling bikes.
  • Improve workspace.
  • Create an organisation website.

Final points 

If you want to start a bike business then do not wait for the right moment. You can start it right now and have great sales. The most important factor is your dedication and time management for the success of your bike shop.

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