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How to Use Social Media Listening to Stay Calm and Collected Being a Social Media Manager

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Communication gorges our energy even when we enjoy it. Now, picture being a social media manager who deals with negativism daily and stumbles on aggressive comments. How to keep that mythical and ideal calm to ensure you help all customers and clients, regardless of their tones and moods? That is when news media monitoring tools enter the play and let you prepare for the storm. How to use such programs to remain tranquil and professional? Here comes the complex of answers.

Social media listening lets you see reasons for people’s negative sentiment

The first and most significant thing you must understand is that social media listening won’t let negativity get to you. On the contrary, it will give you all the necessary data to see people’s reasons for being unhappy. And when you know why they are unsatisfied, it becomes easier to do something about it.

A detailed overview of sentiment analysis tool lets you see that a tool’s functionality covers four main areas:

  • Branding. What do people say about your company?
  • Sentiment. Is the attitude positive, negative, or neutral?
  • Emotion. What emotions does the comment contain?
  • Relevance. How relevant is the mention to your brand?

Hence, social media monitoring lets you see the sentiment, understand the reasons, and solve the problem. Comprehension, in turn, broadens your opportunities and lets you find alternative options that save you and your customer’s nerves and time, which is a great help for mental stability.

Social media listening helps you prioritize customer service requests

Negative comments are inevitable, no matter how good your product or service is. You can only try to satisfy as many people as possible by quickly replying to comments and messages.

A social media manager cannot be everywhere at once, and that’s when social media listening tools come in handy. With their help, you can prioritize requests and see which ones are the most pressing. Also, you can use filters to see only posts containing certain keywords. For instance, a post with many likes and shares is probably more important than a private message. Letting the system assist you systematizes your work, saving your nerves, and giving you a real result.

Social media listening keeps you informed and prepared

Knowing what audiences and niches are saying about your company makes it easier to act quickly and efficiently. With social media listening, you can see all the relevant mentions in one place and reply to them accordingly.

If you see that people are unhappy with something, you can take measures to prevent the situation from escalating. For instance, you can reach out to dissatisfied customers and offer them a solution. You can also use social media listening to prepare for a crisis.

Social listening lets you save time to collect thoughts

When dealing with an angry customer, taking a step back and thinking about the situation before replying is important. Social media monitoring tools let you do just that; they allow you to take your time and collect your thoughts before hitting the “send” button.

Also, such tools tend to automate many processes that win you an extra hour for rest or meditation. Automated reporting, for example, is a huge time-saver.

Social listening allows you to turn negatives into positives

Social media listening allows you to turn negatives into positives. How so? If you see that people are unhappy with something, you can take measures to prevent the situation from escalating. In other words, social media listening allows you to turn a negative experience into a positive one; not only for the customer but also for your brand.

Having gathered all data, you can feel more confident

When armed with all the relevant data, it’s easier to make informed decisions and feel more confident about them. Social media monitoring lets you see the big picture and understand what people are saying about your brand. Confidence, in turn, changes everything and turns disasters into wins.

Sustaining a positive reputation makes your social management burden lighter

A positive reputation results from social media monitoring and good customer service. If you see that people are satisfied with your brand, it’ll be much easier to keep up the good work. Also, a good reputation will make negative comments less damaging and easier to deal with.

Final thoughts

Being a social media manager is never easy, but it’s doable. You can prevent and solve many issues by monitoring social media channels before they escalate. What’s more, you can use social media listening to your advantage and turn negatives into positives. Finally, don’t forget that a good reputation is a golden key to sustaining a positive social media presence.

In a combo of positives, all that saves your mental energy and gives you an extra hour for a healthy lifestyle and good business work. Your calmness and informed solutions will make all business players happy: your clients, co-workers, and you, first and foremost. Remember that customers will demand professionalism from you regardless of the situation.

Simona LeVey did her degree in psychology at Tel Aviv University. She is interested in mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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