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How to Shop for a Mattress on Memorial Day – Getting Prepared

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With Memorial Day right around the corner, almost every major mattress brand and retailer are reducing their prices. So, if you’re in need of a good night’s sleep, May 27th will be the best day to invest in a quality mattress at a good price by taking advantage of the best Memorial Day mattress sales.

But, with such a wide range of deals available, what should you be looking for? And how can you make sure you end up with the best deal for a quality mattress? We have a few simple tips and tricks to avoid stress:

Do your research

Our first tip? Start early. Most sales will start a few days early, giving you a good amount of time to start researching different offers and comparing what will give you the best value. Starting early will also give you time to research what sort of mattress you want, letting you make an informed decision should there be any sudden price drops or time-limited offers.

Use your resources

There are plenty of resources available that will help you make a decision you’re confident and satisfied with. You can’t always rely on the information provided by a salesperson, and the online descriptions can leave some information out.

Read through the customer reviews and check what materials are used. This will give you a good overview of the durability and quality while revealing how satisfied previous buyers have been.

Alternatively, there are already pages that compare the best mattress deals memorial day has to offer.

Consider both comfort and budget

It’s important to not sacrifice your comfort – you’ll come to regret it later. Decide on what level of firmness you want, and what type of mattress you’re looking for. Whether it be Memory Foam, Latex or Innerspring, you’ll be able to whittle down your options accordingly.

Check the fine print

Yes, the fine print isn’t the most glamorous aspect of shopping. But when making such a big investment into your daily comfort, it’s important to check things such as the warranty and return policy.

If it’s not readily available, request it, as some products in promotional sales are not returnable, and some might not even come with a warranty that covers everything you need.

All in all, Memorial Day sales are set to be very exciting. You’ll be able to get yourself a mattress that will improve your overall quality of life. Just prepare in advance so you don’t get swept away with all of the options, and don’t be pressured into buying something you didn’t set out to get.

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