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How to Safely Have Sex During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy, for every couple is a very important and has a huge impact on your lives, many couples may worry about whether or not they can continue to have sex when experiencing a pregnancy, how to safely have sex with your partner during pregnancy is a very important thing, if you and your partner feel overwhelmed or overly worried, this will very much affect your sexual experience during pregnancy live or Intimacy.

You and your partner will have a lot to worry about during your pregnancy, but don’t be afraid, as long as you engage in sexual activity in the right way, you will be able to maintain a good relationship during your pregnancy as well.

During pregnancy, sex toys for use outside the body allow you to enjoy sexual pleasure safely throughout your pregnancy, and you can find safe and trustworthy sex toys on the inyarose website.

P in V sex doesn’t hurt the baby

After pregnancy many people will have this concern, they think that the process of penis penetration into the body may hurt the baby. Because your bodies will collide more violently during sex, many people believe that the baby will also be affected in the body, but in fact, the baby is not so fragile, the mother’s amniotic fluid can protect the baby very well, so that the baby can still be intact during the strenuous movement.

Choosing the right posture is important

In sex during pregnancy, you need to choose more appropriate positions, you may still be able to choose some more intense positions in the early stages of pregnancy, such as cowgirl style and so on, but when you reach the third trimester of pregnancy, you need to consider using some more gentle sex positions.

You can choose to lie on your back, or or on your side, positions that don’t require a lot of movement from your body, or you can doggy style, a position that is still suitable for pregnant women as long as the range of movement isn’t too great.

Many women feel pain in their lower back during pregnancy, this symptom is very common during pregnancy, you can try to put a pillow under your back when you lie on your side, this can relieve the pressure on your back.

Accept your new body

Sometimes your sex life during pregnancy is not affected by the pregnancy itself, but by the effects of the changes in psychological factors, women need to endure the huge changes in their body brought about by the progesterone hormones during pregnancy, and this change can be very scary for women. During pregnancy, women are faced with out-of-shape bodies, emaciated faces, hair loss, swollen legs and feet, which may lead them to believe that they have lost their sexual attractiveness.

Once a woman develops low self-esteem or a man feels uncomfortable with the changes in a woman’s body, this will have a very huge impact on your sex life as you won’t be able to enjoy sex itself from the bottom of your heart, so it is important to psychologically counsel your partner during pregnancy and let them know that it is normal to experience these changes in their body, and at the same time, the man needs to look at the women’s pregnant bodies.

During the pregnancy can also be allowed to guide the pregnant woman to do some physical exercise, exercise can not only enhance the mood of women, but also to maintain the female body, so that she becomes more confident, and appropriate physical exercise is also more conducive to women’s post-natal recovery.

Know if you’re at risk, and talk to your doctor if you have any concerns

If you think your situation is not suitable for P in V sex, you can also try to use some sex toys that are only used outside the body, because during pregnancy, orgasm can help pregnant women to greatly ease the bad moods or discomfort produced by pregnancy, and clitoral stimulation is the most suitable for pregnant women to carry out sexual activities, try to use the rose toy this clitoral sex toys, which not only will not irritate the pregnant woman’s uterus, and it is made of safe food-grade silicone all over the body to let you enjoy the orgasm while free from other worries. Not only does it not irritate the pregnant woman’s uterus, but it is also made of safe food-grade silicone, allowing you to enjoy an orgasm without worrying about anything else.

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