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The Effective Way to Release Pressure from Your Life: Start a Vlog

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Stress is something that almost everyone faces every day. It is invisible, but it makes you feel anxious, angry, sad, and all terrible emotions and even causes your body problems. So, you want to try many ways to release pressure, such as running, singing, and talking to friends. But this article will introduce you to another effective decompression method, which is to start a Vlog. Record the beautiful moments of life, maybe you will forget your troubles and completely release your pressure.  

What is a vlog?

A vlog is called a video blog or video log that is also known as a short video. You can record your daily life or travel with video instead of words and pictures. After recording and editing, you can publish it on the Internet to share your vlog with everyone, such as on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. The subjects are very broad. How many young people, even the elderly, like to start a Vlog to record their lives? At the same time, interaction with followers will bring many surprises.

How to start a vlog to release pressure

After a brief understanding of what a Vlog is, you should learn how to start a Vlog to release pressure. It is not as difficult as you think. It only takes four simple steps to complete a wonderful vlog.  

  • Record your life with a phone camera. You need to pick up your phone camera to record whatever you like. Of course, it is better to set a theme before recording, such as your ordinary day. You should develop the habit of recording. Whether you see interesting people or beautiful scenery, you can use your mobile phone to record materials for the first time. On an ordinary day, you can start recording from getting up, washing, choosing clothes, and eating breakfast. These little things together are the ordinary daily life of all people, and these little things can also resonate with viewers. You can also see your changes in the process of recording your life, and the pressure will dissipate invisibly.
  • Simple editing of the Vlog recordings. Most vlogs are usually composed of several videos. So, you need to use video editing tools to merge several videos into one video, such as Adobe Premiere Pro and iMovie. You can also add some captions, short explanations, and subtitles to emphasize the important points, or explain what happened in the video. Moreover, you can add some background music and special effects according to your preferences to make your Vlog more beautiful. In the process, you will focus on one thing, and the pressure will fade.
  • Upload it to online platforms. Select the platform where you want to upload and share videos and pay attention to some restrictions of the platform. For example, on Facebook, the maximum file size is 4 GB. If your Vlog size is too big to upload, you can use AnyMP4 Video Compressor Online. In addition to the compression function, it also supports powerful editing functions such as filters and subtitles. If you want to share a Vlog with your friends or strangers through Discord, you can also compress video for Discord to less than 8 MB. On YouTube, the video can only be uploaded for 15 minutes for the unverified user, but you can clip the video to a shorter one. If you take videos with a Sony camera, the exported file format is AVCHD. You need to convert the video format to AVI or MP4 to upload it to YouTube. Generally speaking, the short Vlog only needs about 20MB. So if you need compression, you can also use the 8MB Video Compressor.
  • Engage with your followers. After you upload and share a Vlog on the platform, you may get some likes and comments. You can interact with your followers in the comments area. You can answer his questions or discuss them with him. This process is like making friends. Although you don’t know each other, it’s a good thing to communicate through your Vlog sharing. Sometimes you can chat with them through private messages and talk about each other’s troubles. Getting others’ approval and liking can bring happiness and release the pressure from your life.

Other tips for releasing pressure

  • Don’t care too much about what others think. Your ideas are the most important. There are many people, and everyone’s ideas are different. Being too concerned about others’ ideas will only make you more anxious and stressed. You can ask for opinions and learn to combine your true ideas with others’ suggestions. Don’t care about others’ eyes when recording your life. Believe that doing what you like is the best.
  • Just do it. Whenever you hesitate to do something, stress will arise. Don’t be afraid to take the first step and fail. If you are under pressure now, try to record your life, and do it without caring about the results. In this process, you will naturally find that there is nothing that cannot be solved.


Recording life is an amazing thing. Of course, it takes time and effort to start Vlog. But in this process, you can harvest different things. You can record your life to release your stress after reading this article.

Ellen Diamond did her degree in psychology at the University of Hertfordshire. She is interested in mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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