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How to Relax Without Touching Alcohol

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Adulthood is quite stressful. Getting a job, paying bills, updating your knowledge, and maintaining relationships —  all this can get quite overwhelming. It’s no surprise that many people turn to alcohol when they need to relax. Unfortunately, alcohol isn’t the best remedy in the long run. Aside from liver problems and diabetes, it can cause several health issues over time. The good news is that several healthy alternatives exist. Continue reading for a few tips on how to relax without touching alcohol. 


CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid substance from the Cannabis Sativa plant. It has multiple pharmacological and therapeutic benefits. This substance has been used in various products for various purposes. Stress relief and relaxation are one of these purposes; because of this, it makes a good alternative to alcohol. 

Most people prefer to take oral CBD products like CBD gummies, oil, or drinks to help them relax. However, there are other products you can consider. For example, you can buy CBD-infused drinks. A good brand to consider for CBD drinks is OTO CBD. OTO CBD drinks range from seltzers to bitters, so you have multiple options to choose from. 


It’s hard to think of exercise after a hard day at work. Exercise is one of the best ways to relieve your body of all that stress. It’s ironic since most exercise routines are slightly strenuous. However, it’s one of the most healthy ways to keep your body and mind relaxed and ready for the next day’s work. Psychotherapy experts often recommend exercise to improve mental health.

When you’re in a stressful situation, stress hormones are released in your brain to help your body deal with the problem. The release of these hormones causes your heart rate to increase, resulting in hyperventilation. When you exercise, these stress hormones are burned out, and you feel more relaxed and relieved. 

Spend time with friends

Hanging out with friends could help you unwind and relax after a long day. Unless these friends will pressure you to drink, an evening out with good company wouldn’t hurt. An evening out doesn’t always mean ending up in a bar or club. Doing something interesting and fun will help take your mind off whatever problem is stressing you out. Why not opt for an activity you haven’t done before?

You can do some other fun activities together, like going to the movies, going dancing, bowling, go-carting, or something as simple as taking a walk. As long as you’re in good company and feel comfortable, you will feel more relaxed. 

Talk it out

Sometimes, bottling up or avoiding your stress makes it even worse. Perhaps it’s time to talk to someone about it. Therapy is quite expensive in most cities, so it may not be the easiest alternative. However, you can talk to a friend or a close family member or just write in your journal. 

All in all, getting out all your frustration and stress by talking it out will definitely help you relax; better out than in. Also, you never know who can help with your problem.

Ellen Diamond did her degree in psychology at the University of Hertfordshire. She is interested in mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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