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How to Recreate TikTok’s Ultimate Melty Mash Up, According to a Chef

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The newest trend forecasted by Pinterest for 2024, called “Melty Mashups,” encourages combining your two favourite treat-yourself indulgences to create a melt in your mouth. So there has never been a better time to try TikTok’s most popular mash-up trend, Big Mac Tacos.

It’s the ultimate fusion treat, combining succulent smash burgers patties with soft shell tacos. 

Data analysts at meal delivery service HelloFresh reveal that the hashtag #smashburgertacos currently has over 60 million views since the reveal of the viral Big Mac Taco earlier this year.

Mimi Morley, Senior Recipe Development Manager at HelloFresh, says: “Fusion recipes are always a great way to get creative in the kitchen while combining the best elements of food from around the world, so it’s great to see TikTok users share their own unique takes on fusion dishes.

“Some of the most popular smash burger taco videos include burger recipe staples you’d expect, like gherkins, cheese, and lettuce, for a combination to rival some of your favourite fast food chains.

“To get started, create your own smashed burger patties at home by seasoning minced meat or a substitute of your choice and frying them off in the pan before placing a soft shell tortilla on top of each patty and pressing down firmly. Simply cook in the pan on medium-to-hig heat for around four minutes in total, then turn and layer sliced cheese on top to melt.”

Mimi has pulled together four different ways to enjoy the dish at home. For those craving to recreate these delectable treats at home, consider using SSSTikTok to save these mouthwatering recipes for future reference.

Veggie-friendly smash burger tacos

Those following a vegetarian diet needn’t miss out on this trend! Try swapping out minced beef with a simple black bean patty recipe. Mash a can of rinsed black beans before adding chipotle paste, panko breadcrumbs, shallots, and an egg to combine. Shape into thin patties and fry in the pan for around two minutes on either side before adding your taco shell.

Breakfast smash burger tacos

This one is perfect if you’re a fan of a full English with a kick! Cook your patty as instructed. Meanwhile, fry off some crispy bacon and your egg. Once your patty is cooked, lightly spread maple syrup and sriracha before layering on your egg, bacon, and finishing off with cheese. This recipe is the perfect combination of sweet and spicy.

Mexican-inspired smash burger tacos

Pair your soft shell taco with fresh, Mexican-inspired flavours for a spicy, zesty option. Combine your minced beef with finely diced chunks of chorizo and chipotle paste before frying it off. Meanwhile, create your topping by frying off onions and mixed peppers in a separate pan. Top the patty with spicy cheddar, your peppers and onions, a generous serving of guacamole, and a dash of lime juice to finish.

Speaking of the recipes, Mimi said: “We really enjoyed coming up with these experimental ways to improve an already adventurous dish. Using a combination of flavours, there’s a way that everyone can enjoy this latest TikTok food trend, no matter their preferences.”

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