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How to Protect Your Cosmetics While Travelling? 

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Travelling is an adventure. Most of the time. Other times, there is confusion and chaos, and packing before leaving for a trip makes the travel experience more nerve-racking than ever. Add cosmetics to the equation. Wearing makeup is a daily chore for many people. It is something which has become so commonplace that packing cosmetics while travelling is a given no matter where you are going. 

But packing cosmetics is not all. You will also have to ensure that your cosmetics are protected at all times as you travel. There is a very real possibility of your things suffering some sort of damage during travelling, and your things include your makeup. Protecting your makeup thus becomes vital as makeup is expensive, and there is no way that you will find time to find exactly what you need in an unfamiliar environment. 

Here are some ways in which you can protect your cosmetics while travelling:

Get a Pouch

First things first: You have to protect the rest of your luggage from your makeup in case there is breakage, and a spill occurs. In case of breakage, your clothes would be saved, and your makeup would not stain the rest of your belongings. But this is only a concern if you carry the glass bottles your makeup comes in. 

Before travelling, you can get your makeup packed in separate pouches. There are many options for cosmetic pouch packaging that you can consider. It is an excellent way to protect your cosmetics without compromising their quality. If not for all of your makeup, consider pouch packaging for your creams, face wipes, and other liquid-based products. The packaging is always done in sterile conditions, and your makeup will be protected from any harm during packaging and while travelling.

Get a bubble wrap

Bubble wrap has a magic protection quality that we are all well aware of. All of our products ordered online arrive covered in bubble wraps for a simple reason; it acts as a buffer against factors that might cause breakage in a fragile product. The cosmetic bottles are delicate and need to be handled carefully. 

If you want the cosmetics to be protected, it would be best if you wrapped each individual makeup bottle with a bubble wrap strip and then finished the packing with sellotape. All your products will be protected, and you can continue your makeup routine in peace. Make sure you unwrap it carefully because you will need to warp it for the journey back home. 

Use your clothes as buffers

Another very useful and easy-to-do idea is to use your clothes as your personal bubble wrap. No, we are not recommending you wrap the makeup bottle in your clothes. There is a chance of your clothes getting damaged from possible leakage in the bottles even if they do not break. Clothes can be used to provide extra protection to your cosmetics. 

After you have kept each individual bottle in different plastic packets and made sure they are sealed, you can keep each makeup product within different folds of your clothes. In case one product breaks, the others will remain safe, and so will your clothes. In case someone attempts to steal from your luggage, keeping your makeup separated within the folds of your clothes will also leave plenty for you to make do with. 

Tying to prevent leaks

Some cosmetics come with lids that are not meant to prevent leakage but just to keep the moisture in. There are also some makeup products whose tops become loose with time. If you do not have any other option, and you have to take these makeup products with you on the trip, you will have to find a way to secure the lids of those products. 

A great option is to tie a rubber band around the product, which will keep the lid tightly in place, and no product will spill. For extra protection, you can also seal the seams with a sellotape after you have secured the top with a rubber tie. The fewer chances you take, the better.

Taping to the rescue

When it comes to packing cosmetics, tape definitely needs an entire section of its own. While tape will help seal the seams of liquid cosmetics, it will also come in handy when you are trying to secure dry makeup. For makeup that has a powdery consistency, the lips can come off with jerks or sudden movements. 

To prevent any kind of friction and accidental spill, you can seal the product with tape. Since powders rarely have glass packaging, you can also tape all the powders together in one go to ensure that there is no spilling of powder all across your luggage. Even after taping, keep the cosmetics in a plastic bag for added protection. 

Extra cushioning

If you are still unsure about the safety of your makeup, you can also opt for extra cushioning methods. One of the ways in which this can be done is by using cotton balls. You can wrap the fragile bottle and boxes in cotton before wrapping it up with a plastic film or bubble wrap for added cushioning. 

In the case of compact powders, you can keep a cotton pad inside the compact for protection. Insulation of cotton is meant to protect the integrity of the powder and keep the product inside the compact. This will also provide protection to the compact mirror. You can then stuff this between your clothes for more protection against bumps and jerks.


Your cosmetics are just as important as the rest of your luggage. Meant to be an investment, cosmetics can make or break the statement you are going for during your travel. Having fool-proof protection for cosmetics is not only important but necessary. Whatever means of packaging your cosmetics for protection during travel you find the most reliable, go for it. You can add your own ideas to this list as well. Just remember to pack your cosmetics with as much care when you are leaving for home as when you were leaving for your trip.

Alicia Saville did her degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. She is interested in mental health and well-being.

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