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How to Properly Store Your Skin Hair Systems?

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skin hair system, also called a skin hairpiece or toupee, is a hair replacement option for those losing their hair due to illnesses, genetics, or other causes. Skin hair systems consist of hair and a toupee polymer base resembling our epidermis. A skin hair system must be stored properly to keep its shape, color, and quality. This article will discuss how to store your skin and hair system.

Clean your skin and hair system

Your skin and hair system. It’s crucial to clean your skin’s hair system thoroughly before storing it. Cleaning removes the dirt, oil, and other debris that might build up over time on the hairpiece. Use a light wash or a cleaner made especially for hairpieces to carefully clean the hairpiece. Gently squeeze out the excess water after giving it a good rinse in cool water.

Dry the skin’s hair system

Dry it off. Before storing the hairpiece, let it completely air dry. A blow drier or another heat source should not be used as the hair systems can harm the hair strands. Place the hairpiece flat on a fresh towel or wig stand to dry. Before storing it, make sure it is totally dry.

Brush the skin’s hair system

Brush the hair system. Use a soft-bristled brush or comb to gently brush the hairpiece after it has dried. Work your way up toward the roots from the ends. This keeps the hair fibres silky and smooth and aids in untangling any tangles or knots.

A cool and dry place is a must

Keep it in a cold, dry location. Keep your skin hair system in a dry, cold environment when not in use. It can harm the hair fibres stored in damp or facing the sun directly. You should keep your skin hair system in a wig box or a storage case for hairpieces. These containers safeguard the hairpiece from dirt, dust, and other grit.

Use a hair stand

Use a hair accessory stand Another choice for storing your skin hair system is a hairpiece stand. It is a specially made stand that aids in preserving the hairpiece’s form and fashion. Moreover, it prevents tangles or knots from forming in the hair fibres. While utilising a hairpiece stand, keep it out of direct sunlight in an excellent, dry location.

Avoid crushing or folding the skin hair system

Avoid crumpling or folding the hairpiece. It’s important not to fold or crush your skin hair system when storing it. This could harm the hair fibres and reduce the hairpiece’s overall quality. To keep its shape and appearance, lay it flat or use a hairpiece support.

Keep the skin hair system from the reach of kids and animals

Defend it from animals and kids. It is imperative to keep your skin hair system out of the reach of any dogs or young children you may have. Children can play with the hairpiece and pets can eat or scratch it, damaging the hair fibres. Keep it out of the reach of kids and pets in a secure location.

A backup skin hair system

Last but not least, keeping a backup hairpiece on hand is advised. Accidents happen, so having a backup hairpiece can make you feel more secure and ready for anything. Follow the directions above while storing your backup hairpiece to keep it in good condition.


To sum up, to properly care for your skin hair system, you need to clean it, let it dry, brush it, store it in a cool, dry place, use a hairpiece stand, avoid heavy things, keep it away from pets and children, and keep it when you’re not using it. You can ensure that your hairpiece stays in top shape by following these instructions, giving you the assurance and comfort you require.

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