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How to Properly Store Your Summer Clothes During Winter

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Taking care of your clothing can be a challenge when you first approach it. This is because of the different fabrics and materials that need to be carefully protected and preserved. As a result, it can be difficult to decide the best way to store your summer clothing during the winter months when temperatures are much colder. 

It is worth looking into tips for seasonal clothing storage so that you can make the most out of your clothing and ensure that everything in your closet is getting worn each season. Here is how you can store your summer clothes during the winter season. 

Wash and repair

Firstly, you will need to thoroughly clean everything that you want to pack away for storage. This can prevent any unpleasant odor from building up, and even deter insects. It can also avoid any staining that could occur over time, and prevent bacteria from accumulating on certain items. 

Carefully wash everything according to the directions on the tag, and make sure that each item is completely dried before storing. It is also important to carry out any repairs if it is needed. This can allow you to enjoy your summer clothes as soon as the weather starts to get warmer, instead of leaving repairs to the last minute. 

Sort and donate

When you are going through your summer wardrobe and figuring out what items you want to store, it is worth sorting any items that you haven’t worn or that you no longer like. These can be donated or sold instead of stored. Consider the different ways that you can wear an item and get rid of anything that doesn’t feel like it fits with your style anymore. 

There is no point holding onto these items. You should also sort through your summer clothes and create small piles with items that are made from the same material. This can help you make plans for storage methods. 

Fold or hang

Another consideration which needs to be made is whether you want to fold or hang a particular item. Certain fabrics are more sensitive than others, which can mean that they retain the shape of being folded and packed away once they are taken out of storage. 

Similarly, some fabrics are less suitable for hanging because they can stretch over time and lose the shape of the item. Luckily, most sun dresses and other summer clothing that is lightweight and casual can be folded together. However, it is worth using breathable garment bags and padded hangers for more delicate items such as formal clothing or anything that is slightly more delicate. 

Choose the right containers

Similarly, it is important to choose the right containers when you want to store your summer clothes. Make sure that your clothing fits into an under bed storage drawer, a plastic tub with a lid, or even vacuum sealed bags. Try not to over pack these containers because they will be harder to close or seal, which makes them more exposed to the elements. 

Then, you can carefully pack everything into the containers once each item has been folded. Of course, this does not need to be done on items that you want to hang and store in garment bags. 

Repel pests

You should also try to repel pests as much as possible. This could be anything from adding a cedar ball into every container to deter moths, or adding a small sprig of dried lavender. Insects, mites, and moths are likely to investigate freshly washed clothing if the container has not been sealed. 

Make sure you are repelling pests from your summer clothes so that each item is in good condition when you want to take them out of storage. 

Store in appropriate conditions

It is also crucial that you are thinking about the storage conditions for your summer clothing. This is important because you will not want your clothes to become damaged during the winter months. Make sure that you prevent this by keeping your container away from extreme temperatures and protected from the elements if possible. 


There are many ways that you can choose to store your clothes when you are not wearing them, and it is worth sorting through your items regularly. This can help you fill your closet with pieces of clothing that make you feel confident and comfortable. Make sure you are considering the types of fabrics and how you should store them based on the tags.

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