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How to Promote Your Instagram Account

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The modern world is becoming more and more global and the boundaries are gradually blurring. Today, very young guys and girls can earn with their minds from home more than the average salary in the city. To earn money, you no longer need to study at a university for many years, because diplomas do not guarantee anything. You can either attract an audience to the product of your work, or you can’t.

Today, in order to earn a lot, you need to learn new information faster than others and capture new industries that are just being created. One of the fastest growing industries in modern times is blogging. Today, Instagram and Youtube bloggers are the most popular. It is on them that the most successful corporations, brands and online stores focus their advertising budgets.

It is about cosmetics reviews (and how to make money on them) that we will talk about today. Now you will learn about who beauty bloggers are and how much they earn, how to promote your account for free (without the need to buy Instagram followers), and how to start monetising it.

Free and paid methods of promotion

Promotion in this social network occurs in many ways, some of them are free, some will cost you a small amount, but it all pays off quickly. In general, the methods are different, free methods require a lot of effort and time.

In the paid segment, of course, money is needed, but deception also happens, the best paid promotion, in our opinion, is advertising from bloggers and manual increase in the audience. If you paid to buy real Instagram followers, then you can not be afraid that you will not get an increase in the audience.

Next, we will tell you which blog promotion methods work today and will work in 2022.

The main promotion methods

  • Gifts for celebrities and popular bloggers (barter). A large number of people have subscribed to celebrities and popular bloggers. This means that if a celebrity writes about someone, a lot of people will immediately know about this person. You need to agree with the blogger about sending a gift and immediately agree that the star will leave a review about you with a link.
  • Flash mobs and marathons. As a rule, to participate in a marathon or a flash mob, you need to put a special tag under the photo and mention the person who started it all. Thus, the one who launched the marathon receives a large number of mentions from different users.
  • Participation in events, partnership. When you sponsor a giveaway (provide informational support, provide premises or your products), your account is mentioned as an affiliate. The more partners you have, the more often you are mentioned.
  • Mutual PR. Here you negotiate with one specific account (blogger): you talk about him, and he talks about you. If you correctly and beautifully design the post, advertising can be completely invisible.
  • Paid advertising. Advertising can be bought from popular bloggers and celebrities. To agree on an advertising post, you can contact the author directly, or you can use special advertising exchanges.
  • Mass following and mass liking. Mass following is a mass subscription to other users. This is how you get attention. Seeing a new subscriber, the user is very likely to go to your account and, quite possibly, subscribe in response, out of interest or courtesy. Of course, they usually subscribe if your account is interesting.

Tips for beginning bloggers

In general, there is nothing complicated here, and everyone can try it. Here is a step by step guide for you:

  • The first step is to find your zest and choose a topic that interests you.
  • Come up with an interesting and memorable nickname and start a blog.
  • Post quality photos regularly. Pay attention to the convenience in reading the text and finding the right topic (hashtags).
  • Before you engage in promotion, you need to fill your blog with texts and information about you: who you are and what you do.
  • You should always try to communicate with your audience, hold various contests.
  • Constantly learn to process, writing text and promotion.
  • You need to love your blog, your topic, and be ready to be surprised and surprised every day.
  • To promote a blog, it is worth creating sweepstakes, agreeing on mutual or paid advertising with bloggers, getting to know less popular bloggers, communicating and learning new things, especially since many do not refuse help!
  • There are a lot of areas for earning money, in addition to the blog: this is the sale of goods and services, the creation of contests and the search for partners.

Final thoughts

What separates a commercially successful account from one that no one wants to follow? In our opinion, weak accounts will report their uninteresting and bad photos and text. Many people are attracted not by the content, but by the personality of the person. They may not read you, but simply follow your life and photos. But of course, the blog should have variety and brightness.

David Tobin did his degree in psychology at the University of Hertfordshire. He is interested in mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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