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How Often Should I Visit My Orthodontist?

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Ill-fitting teeth or malocclusions are one of the main reasons why most people go to see an orthodontist. During the time that you are having your teeth realigned, you will be making frequent visits to your orthodontist. Your doctor will let you know about these follow-up appointments and how often you would be visiting them. While each case is different, the usual reasons you will go in would be for the replacement of worn-out rubber and check-ups of the progress of teeth realignment.

Dentists recommend that you don’t skip any of these appointments. That could slow down the rate of your treatment’s progression. In extreme cases, the orthodontist might have to perform an even more overhaul procedure and replace the braces. By missing your appointments, you will not only be prolonging your treatment period. You may also incur additional expenses.

Always remember that the orthodontist does play an important role in providing you with perfectly aligned teeth. But that doesn’t mean they won’t require your help. The bonus of showing up for your appointments without fail falls on your shoulders.

Depending on the type of braces you chose after discussing it your orthodontist, you might have to go see them every 4–10 weeks. For instance, traditional metal braces are held in place with the help of elastic bands on the brackets. After an interval, your orthodontist must adjust the wires to make sure the teeth will align in the right manner. So, you might have to go in every four weeks or so. Newer models of braces don’t use elastic bands. If you choose this type, your orthodontist is likely to schedule your appointments after intervals of 6, 8, or even ten weeks.  

Types of follow-up appointments

  • Records appointment. This is probably the briefest of appointments with an orthodontist. Within just 20 minutes, your doctor will take the impressions of the teeth of both of your jaws. Besides that, they will x-ray your skull to see how the teeth interact with the other parts of your head. Later, your orthodontist will have a 3-D computerised model made of your teeth. It will be used for the construction of your braces. This is also the time to ask any questions about the procedure that you might have. Moreover, your orthodontist will discuss the risks and limitations of what the orthodontic treatment can do for you and what it can’t. Besides the appointment for record-taking, you will have to go in for the fitting of the braces. 
  • Routine archwire appointments. This comes after records appointment. After the orthodontist has begun your treatment, it is likely that they will call you in for routine archwire appointments. The visit would be brief (about 30 minutes) and come after 4–6 weeks. During your visit, the orthodontist will modify and rearrange the archwires. The changes will be based on the result you desire. With a little cooperation from your orthodontist, you can schedule these appointments during the afternoons. That way you won’t be missing school or work.
  • After removal of braces appointment. This visit will constitute as a clean up visit after removal of braces. That means no matter how good your oral hygiene routine is, this is one important appointment you shouldn’t miss. Your orthodontist will first clean your teeth. A thorough cleaning will take care of plaque built up from when you had your braces on. Then they will check for cavities formed during the time you were wearing your braces. If they find any dental issue, they are likely to refer you to a dentist. Afterwards, you might want to go for teeth whitening or not. While it would make your teeth look whiter than before, we’d recommend holding off on the whitening. Go in again after a month or two has passed. That’s because your teeth will get some time to get used after a relatively long time of being covered by braces.

Getting your teeth straightened will require an investment of your time, some money, and much patience. But in the hands of a capable orthodontist, you will walk out with the desired results. Looking to get your braces on and have your teeth realigned? Then visit an orthodontist in Chandler, Arizona today. 

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