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How Much Is It to Connect to Xfinity Wifi?

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Technology has connected us all in an irreversible way where even our daily life requires it. Whether it’s getting groceries delivered, booking a cab, or connecting with a long-distance friend – Wi-Fi is the powerhouse of the 21st century. 

91.8% of the US population uses Wi-Fi and cannot imagine their lives without it. It’s not just used in our personal lives but in professional and educational spheres as well. Even the majority of our security systems are connected via Wi-Fi so needless to say, we are very much dependent on it. 

Of course, you understand the need for it but which internet service provider is the best choice then? 

Need for speed

The first requirement is an obvious one – it must be fast, to not hinder any work or experiences. Nobody likes a loading screen! 

Xfinity Internet Wi-Fi is one of the biggest in the US because its affordability and reliability are unrivaled. It offers some of the fastest internet connections across the US, with subscription plans starting as low as $20 per month. This is Xfinity’s ‘Connect’ package which comes with 75/10 Mbps along with an automatic billing system. This is ideal for streaming content, video calling, and downloading music. 

However, the more popular plan would be their ‘Connect More’ plan which costs up to $25 per month. This is just a minor upcharge from their $20 “Connect” plan but the upgrades are definitely worth it! The internet speed is now bumped up to 200/10 Mbps and this can support 5 different devices at a time! 

Xfinity doesn’t compromise on quality as they believe in fast and reliable internet for all. So, even if their basic internet plans are affordable for most, the internet speed remains fast and consistent. 

However, if you do have a bigger budget, their costliest plan, the “Gigabit Extra” is $80 per month. This plan comes with Wi-Fi equipment included along with unlimited data. The internet speed is up to 1200/35 Mbps and this can handle the most intense Wi-Fi heavy tasks like pro-level gaming, live streams, and much more. 

Affordability makes Xfinity a choice for all

Since the internet is a necessity for all, Xfinity also understands that some people can’t afford good Wi-Fi plans due to their financial instability. For instance, if we observe students from high school or on college campuses, we’ll find that a majority of them don’t have the big bucks to afford a really good internet connection, or even a decent one, for that matter.

With Xfinity’s Student-Exclusive internet plans, all that has changed drastically! Students can now sign up for the ‘Essentials’ package which is only $10 per month and with this, they’re able to enjoy 50 Mbps internet speed. 

Students who’ve availed such plans long-term are qualified for even more monthly discounts! 

However, it’s not just students who benefit from Xfinity but others as well.

With Xfinity, you now have the option to include further add-ons to your internet plan at just minor costs. For instance, some customers prefer combining their internet plan with TV bundles for just $35 per month. They get fast and reliable internet with 200/10 Mbps speed, along with 10+ popular channels like FOX, NBC, and CBS. This further gives them access to download and stream movies and TV shows from the Xfinity Stream app. 

By combining such bundles, customers can get more, but at a lower cost. 

Xfinity benefits 

Xfinity is always ready to give back to its loyal customers. 

With the initiative of “Xfinity Rewards” customers are now entitled to even further price reductions. All they have to do is purchase an Xfinity deal and then join “Xfinity Rewards” as soon as their new service goes live! 

You get to unlock more rewards the longer you stay with Xfinity. 

Furthermore, they also have 20+ million hotspots all over the country, making it so that all Xfinity customers can connect to Wi-Fi while still on the go! 

No expenses spared for security

When it comes to online security, Xfinity goes above and beyond to make sure your data is protected, and that all malicious sites and software aren’t affecting your network in any way. Due to their advanced security systems set in place, not only is the average Xfinity customer protected but they also have the option to view potential security risks via the Xfinity app. All the cyber threats will be made available to the customers through the advanced security dashboard. 

The app is free to download and has amassed over 10+ million downloads over the years. It helps customers to connect faster to Xfinity’s 24/7 customer service team and also manage other connected devices via this app, such as parental controls and troubleshooting issues. 

Security, affordable options, reliable internet, and a customer service team that is available at all times – Xfinity is the complete package.

David Radar, a psychology graduate from the University of Hertfordshire, has a keen interest in the fields of mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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