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How to Make L Shaped Couch Covers

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Home furniture in American homes does not always have a standard shape. An example of this is an L-shaped sofa. Accordingly, if the homeowner wishes to purchase protective fabric for this type of furniture, it is necessary to approach the measurements competently and carefully. After all, unlike standard options, there are additional corners to consider. Otherwise, finished L shaped couch covers will not lie tightly, and therefore their effectiveness is reduced at times. Today, the variety of designs for corner sofas will pleasantly surprise potential buyers. If a potential buyer has not previously purchased such goods, the first time to choose the perfect option for themselves will be quite difficult.

Some sofas of this format have two separate parts. After combining them, you get ready-to-use furniture. In this case, it is sometimes necessary to order two separate covers of the same color to match the size of each of the parts.

If the sofa is a one-piece construction, you can buy a ready-made cover. Many companies are engaged in the creation of protective fabrics for furniture of non-standard shape. Speaking of the American market, it is necessary to note Mamma Mia Covers. The company has been engaged in the production and sale of premium quality covers for more than a year. Durable materials are used for protective fabrics. Customers can buy goods in different colours. The obvious advantage of the company is the opportunity to get a protective fabric at a great discount.

How to install the cover on the L-shaped sofa

Of course, for many people who first encounter the need to install a sofa cover, there are problems. After all, there is a high probability that when ordering goods, they specified the wrong size, and therefore it will not fit tightly to the sofa.

The algorithm of installation is intuitive. It looks like this:

  • Place the cover on the sofa. As a rule, there is no significant difference in what side of the protective fabric will lie. The only important condition is that the seam of the sofa and the seam of the cover should fit tightly together.
  • Stretch the fabric evenly over the sofa and secure it with white cylinders “sponges” in the spaces between the cushions, which will help form the cover on the sofa and hold the fabric tightly.
  • Tilt the couch and find the elastic ties. Tie the front and back ties tightly and tie. Tighten the side ties and tighten them tightly.
  • Place the couch and pull the excess fabric over the back.
  • Enjoy your new upholstered sofa!

Experienced homeowners recommend buying more than one cover at a time. This will allow you to wash the fabric in time and put a spare one in its place. Do not forget about possible holidays. A black cover will not give positive emotions to your guests. It is better to use bright and memorable colours on such days, such as white, or gold.

Some ambitious Americans set themselves a goal to sew the cover themselves. However, such a task will be quite difficult when it comes to the protective fabric for the L-shaped cover. If, however, the decision is made unequivocally and you begin to engage in the creation of the cover, it is necessary to take into account some nuances. At a minimum, you should not skimp on the material. If you buy a loose fabric, there is a good chance that the cover will soon tear. Also, it is extremely important for the process to have a sewing machine. Otherwise, the procedure of creating a finished fabric can take from several hours to a day. 

Is it possible to save money in this way? Yes, a cover made by your own hands will cost you several times cheaper than a store-bought one. However, most likely its quality will be somewhat worse. After all, it was not made by the hands of a professional, but by a person who decided to try himself in such a role for the first time. The obvious advantage of this method is that no one restricts the design of the finished material. It can be any image or color. Before you start, it is advisable to make a test cover out of an old sheet. In the end, you will see what mistakes were made and decide for yourself how to correct them.

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