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How to Make Incense Cones at Home Copy

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The journey of life is all about learning, creating, and developing new skills and expertise. If we look back a decade, there is a huge difference between our past and present. Therefore, our lives are becoming easier because we are learning the art of living in a more easy and convenient way. However, due to heavy inflation, people are moving toward homemade goods. They want to create the daily usage thing on their own. People who use incense are well aware of its high cost. Although incense burners are a one-time investment, incense is not; you need to buy a new stick of incense every week if you are a frequent user of burning incense at home. Therefore, this article is all about the complete process of making incense cones. However, first, let’s discuss why we need to make incense cones at home and which of them is better. 

Ready-made incense or homemade incense – which one is better? 

Well, it’s a long debate for many people who use incense burners. The use of incense has become very widely spread all over the world. Many people burn incense during their meditation, yoga, or aromatherapy sessions. These sessions consist of a small part of the whole day, while on the other hand, some people are addicted to and obsessed with the fragrance of their favourite incense and continuously burn it the whole day. Therefore, in my opinion, the people who use incense once in a while can afford ready-made incense, but the people who are frequent users of incense should try to make their incense at home because not all people can afford this luxury. As we all know how to meditate at home to save money, we are once again here to solve the problem of buying incense again and again. To save money, people start meditating at home, so buying incense, again and again, is a huge expense. To avoid this, the best option is to make your own low-cost, high-quality incense at home. Let’s talk about how we can make our own incense at home. 

How to make incense at home 

Many of you might think that it is impossible to get the best quality of incense at home as compared to ready-made incense. So let me tell you one thing: homemade incense is more effective. The whole process might take some time, but it’s a huge relief in your pocket. So, let’s go over the next steps one by one.

  • Step #1. The first step is a little critical because you need to arrange herbs, plants, or any flower of your choice that you want to use in your incense. Now you need a dehydrator to dehydrate your herbs so that they become completely dry. If you don’t have a dehydrator, there are no worries; you can simply dry your plants in the sunlight. All you need to do is spread these herbs on a clean surface under sunlight. This process might take 2 to 3 days to dry the herbs completely.
  • Step #2. When your herbs are completely dry, you have to crush them into a fine powder.
  • Step #3. Now you need to mix the makko powder. Makko powder is basically used for incense to burn effectively, and it also enhances the fragrance of incense.
  • Step #4. Now add distilled water to your powder and mix it well. Be careful while adding water to it. Your mixture should be thick.
  • Step #5. Fill this mixture into a mould and let it rest for a while. When the thick paste of that mixture forms a cone shape, then open the mould carefully and take this cone of incense out of the mould.
  • Step #6. Keep these cones in the sun until they are completely dry.
  • Step #7. When you realise that the cones are dry completely, they are ready to use. If you have made these cones in bulk, then store the other cones in a dry place because if the incense cones are not completely dry, they will not burn effectively and efficiently. 

Benefits of making incense at home 

As we all know, in this world, burning incense has become a luxury for many people, and due to its popularity and benefits, many people want to burn incense at home and during their meditation sessions. Everyone has the right to enjoy these small pleasures of life and reap the benefits of burning incense, but for many people, this is an unnecessary expense. Making your own incense can help to reduce this extra expense, and for less money, you can make your own incense of your favourite fragrance. Now you’ll only need to buy an incense burner, which is a one-time investment. Now, by following this method, you can enjoy incense.

John Wayne did his degree in psychology at the University of Hertfordshire. He is interested in mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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