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How Long Does Weed Remain in Your Body System?

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The effect of weed in your system can be immediate, or up to an hour, depending on the form you took. The effect of vaping and smoking is instant, but edibles take time to reach your brain. How long weed stays in your blood depends on the amount you consume, how often you consume, and your metabolism rate. 

Even after the high feeling is over, weed traces might be found in your system after tests. Experts usually test saliva, urine, hair, and blood. Frequent users will have weed traces for longer. If you take a higher dose, it will take time to clear from your system. 

The time weed takes to clear from your system

A report by Medical News Today says weed can stay for three days in your blood if you are a new user. If you are a regular user, it can stay for seven days. Daily users will have weed traces in their system for 30 days maximum. Medical News Today further says the test type done will determine if weed traces will be found in you. 

For instance, a test on saliva can detect wind from 24 hours to 3 days. A test on hair can detect weed for a maximum of 90 days, while urine and blood tests can detect weed for a maximum of 30 days. The information on Hub420 Shop states that you should always have this crucial information on your mind if you plan to undergo a weed test soon. 

Determinants of how long weed stays in your system

Sometimes weed will clear from your blood fast, but it takes time in the system of another person. Different factors determine how fast or slow it is. 

How often do you use weed?

One user could be using weed once a week, another thrice, and another daily. The person who uses it less often will have no weed traces within a few days after they stop using it. If they use weed at the beginning of the week, they might not have any traces in their body by midweek. The person who uses it daily will take longer. They might not be high, but weed will still be present in their body. 

THC concentration levels

Different weed products contain different THC concentrations. Some contain 0.03 grams, while others contain up to 30 grams. Assume you take weed with 15gm THC and another person with 30 gms. The one who consumes a more concentrated weed will have a greater high effect. In the same way, weed will stay in their body more than the person who consumed weed with 15 gms THC. 

Method of weed use

Weed can be taken in different methods, namely:

  • Smoking
  • Vaping
  • Eating
  • Drinking

Smoking and vaping impact the brain in an instant. The high effect diminishes faster, and the user can be okay within a few hours. Weed taken by eating or drinking takes time to impact the brain. It might take about 30 minutes to more than an hour. Weed will take less time in the body of the person who smoked or vaped. It will take more time in the body of the person who ate or drank. 

User metabolism rate

Weed is known to boost users’ metabolism rate. However, some people naturally have a high metabolism rate. When boosted by weed use, their body burns the contents really fast. The user might only need a few days and there will be no weed traces in their body. The person with a slow metabolism rate will still have weed traces in their system several days later. 

Quantity taken

Some users take just the right dose of weed at a time, but other users love to overdose. The person who takes a small dose will take a shorter time. The person who overdoses may require a maximum of 30 days to clear weed from their body. 


The high effect of weed takes a few hours to a full day to clear. However, the user can weed traces in their body many days later. It depends on the amount consumed, THC concentration, the metabolism rate of a user, and how often they use weed.

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