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How Long Does It Take to Wean Off Zopiclone?

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Disturbed or inconsistent sleep patterns have a bearing on our lives, owing to which people often turn to sleeping pills Melatonin 10mg for a sound sleep. In this article, we would be filling you in on one such pill and if you have, inadvertently, become Buy Zopiclone 10mg dependent on the same, how you can overcome your unintentional addiction to this pill. 

The article dwells on the dosage of the medicine, its prescription, why the medicine is taken, what medicines one shouldn’t take it with and other important questions that may be eating your brain. 

Why is zopiclone prescribed?

The medicine is specifically prescribed for those battling chronic or acute insomnia. More often than not, people plump for it to prevent nighttime awakenings or sleep deprivation. 

As for its form and size, it comes both in liquid (for those who are sensitive to solid items) form and solid. 

Bear in mind, the tablet cannot be taken without consulting the respective doctor.

Dosage of the medicine

Like any other tablets, the medicine in question too comes in different mgs; buy aopisign online and 3.75 mg. 

Usually, the former one is recommended as it works effectively within an 1 hour of its intake. For people over 65 years of age and the ones who haven’t triumphed over kidney diseases, they are urged to go for the latter one i.e., 3.75 mg.

The latter one has lesser chances of side effects like invariable sleepiness kicking in. 

The prescription cannot be looked over in any case and can be taken with or without food intake. Another thing that one needs to be mindful of before starting on the medicine is to never chew on the tablet or crush it down, go for the liquid one if the solid form is out of tune with you.

Side effects of the medicine

The medicine, like all the other tablets, have some side effects as well, but the occurrence is relatively less likely. Every 1 of 100 experiences the following side effects:

  • Feeling sleepy, tired and fatigue can also be experienced by some zopiclone consumers
  • If you feel bitter or metallic taste in your mouth, consult your doctor right away

Others may feel slightly escalated and more serious symptoms like:

  • Memory loss: not being able to remember anything from the past, also known as amnesia
  • Easily falling over, commonly experienced by elderly people
  • Experiencing delusions (things that are not true)
  • Feeling slightly withdrawn, unhappy and distraught, this is the most blatant serious side effect of all
  • Hallucination (living a scenario that may not be necessarily true)

These were some of the serious side effects one could be experiencing and if that’s the case with any of you, call your doctor or reach out to health professionals.

Furthermore, if you go for an over-the-counter purchase, always have a word with your personal / family doctor before you buy Zopiclone.

What to do in case one misses their dose?

It is strictly forbidden to double up your dose in the case of skipped or forgotten one. It is urged to let the missed dose be without compensating it by taking two tablets at once. Resume your usual dosing schedule. Doubling up the dose may cause disruption to the life of the patient and lead to serious and life-threatening effects.

During pregnancy and lactating period

Taking the medicine during pregnancy is strictly shown the doors as it may affect the baby in the womb. In some cases, it has been observed that the baby ends up falling prey to the side effects of the medicine.

A few pieces of evidence stand against the consumption of this anti-insomnia medicine during pregnancy as it could lead to premature birth and the baby weighing less than the normal range. In other cases, it has been found taking medicine up to the labour may be harmful in the long run for the baby.

For lactating women, the likelihood of the medicine being mixed with breast milk increases which can lead to infants experiencing the withdrawal symptoms. In dire cases, you can consult your midwives or doctors and crop up with an alternative. 

Medicines that you shouldn’t take along with zopiclone

There are several medicines that you need be wary of before taking it with the medicine in question and these are as follows:

  • Medicines that are recommended for treating schizophrenia and bipolar disorder
  • Tablets for curing epilepsy, HIV, anxiety, depression and other diseases
  • If you are already on strong painkillers, anti-fungal infection medicines and others

In such cases, you need to refer to some medical professionals as ingesting zopiclone pills along with them may worsen the side effects, let alone have any positive effect on you.

Dependence and weaning off of the pill

The medicine in question is for the short-term treatment of irregular sleep habits/no sleep or as we call it in medical terms insomnia. A person bordering on the final days of the medicine may notice some withdrawal symptoms. Oft-times people become dependent on the medicine without any historical record of substance abuse or dependence.

In order to combat such never-seen-before scenarios, individuals are always advised not to extend the time period of the medicine intake and only one tablet of 7.5mg is recommended.

However, if the situation demands a longer duration of treatment, tapering off the dose in withdrawal may be required.

A research conducted by a handful of health professionals, it was found that the prospect of dependence isn’t much as compared to the physical dependence with benzodiazepines. The risk of such dependence is slightly higher in folks having a history of substance abuse, though it is definitely not the case that the ones who don’t won’t experience such a symptom. 

If the problem persists even after giving due consideration to these factors, ring your family doctor up.


The above article talks about medicine to cure acute or chronic insomnia. Read all the information that needs to be looked into before going ahead with the medicine. If you need to buy the medicine you can visit Zopiclone Pill site with is best and gives best to their customers.

Alicia Saville did her degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. She is interested in mental health and well-being.

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