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How Long Does It Take for Hair to Grow? Tips for Faster Hair Growth

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There is hardly a woman who would refuse to have thick and well-groomed long hair. In our youth, we take healthy hair as a given and take care of them and the scalp. So before the age of 30, every girl is inevitably faced with hair loss, thinning, separation, breakage, and other hair troubles. How to speed up the growth of hair on the head, returning them to the envy of Rapunzel?

The success of using keratin for hair to treat and straighten hair began in Brazil with keratin-enhanced hair smoothing treatments. Since then, keratin has been added to many hair products: shampoos, Wellabs keratin supplements for hair, masks, serums. Keratin makes hair thicker denser, increases its length, and restores its healthy shine.

What does the speed of hair growth depend on?

To understand whether it is possible to accelerate hair growth, let’s go back to the origins: external and internal influencing factors. On average, hair grows at a rate of 1–1.5cm per month, so it’s better to accept that hair will not grow at a rate of 15cm in a month if we want it to. Also, it is impossible not to notice that everyone’s hair grows at a different pace. It is influenced by gender, age, genetics, diet, care, hormonal background, dysbacteriosis, blood flow disorders, iron deficiency, the state of the nervous system and the body in general, taking various medications, seasonality (in summer grow faster than in winter) and even the time of day (hair growth is in a more active phase during the day), the environment.

How to speed up hair growth

Trichologists believe that it is easy to get long hair until the age of 30, then the growth process slows down significantly. However, it can be successfully stimulated.

Trichologists are unanimous: a balanced diet is a key to healthy and beautiful hair. For example, to strengthen hair (read – from hair loss), the diet should include products rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which help increase the density of the hair structure. Beans, beans, lentils will also serve the hair due to the vegetable protein. Liver, eggs (especially egg yolks), and nuts can make up for the lack of biotin, essential. Pumpkin seeds, spinach, and sesame seeds are good sources of iron, which is necessary for hair.

But if, after all, we are not focusing on strengthening but on growth, to speed it up twofold, you will have to lay on quite a specific list of food: salmon (omega-3, protein, vitamin D), yellow bell peppers (it has more vitamin C), seeds (vitamin E), avocados (fatty acids), almonds, egg yolks (biotin), carrots + olive oil (beta-carotene), oysters (zinc). Do not forget about the daily intake of linseed olive oil fish oil – they are also rich in omega-3, -6, -9 fatty acids.

Vitamins to boost hair growth

Manufacturers of beauty complexes for the scalp know the cause of slow hair growth in the winter – avitaminosis. Therefore, charge their emulsions and serums with vitamins necessary to accelerate hair growth, namely vitamins A, B, C, E.

  • Vitamin A retains moisture in the hair structure and prevents hair loss.
  • Vitamin B is essential to accelerate growth: B1, B6, B7, B12.
  • Vitamin C stimulates the circulation of the scalp so that nutrition reaches the hair follicles more quickly.
  • Vitamin E gives your hair strength and a healthy shine.

By the way, the rhythm of the big city, few people manage to keep a special diet. Then pre-made liquid hair vitamins are a perfect way out. They also have an advantage in that they are often a dual formula for day and night, taking into account the different daily phases of hair growth – it’s already a direct hit to the target. However, according to stylist brand Londa Professional, nutrition and vitamins help hair follicles solve only the problem with hair loss and growth stimulation. What’s on the outside (the hair itself) will have to be taken care of separately with special care.

Use shampoos with keratin to help accelerate hair growth

Keratin is the substance that makes up the hair. Give your hair more keratin to strengthen the hair shaft. That way, you will keep the length and take care of the quality of the hair shaft. How can I speed up hair growth at home? Use a professional shampoo. Shampoo, accelerating hair growth, contains molecules of ingredients that have the optimal size: not too big and not too small, but precisely the one needed to “repair” the damage to the hair.

Natural keratin supplements for hair growth

In addition to a proper diet, you can also take keratin treatment enriched with keratin.

Warning: taking keratin supplements for hair growth can cause excess proteinuria in the body. Extra protein indicates that the kidneys have to work very hard to assimilate it. If levitating protein levels remain in the body, the kidneys can eventually fail.

Means with keratin: peculiarities of application at home

Nowadays, there are many procedures for hair care with the help of keratin products. Of course, keratin straightening/treatment should be carried out only in the salon. But even at home, you can successfully use products with high content of keratin and get a wonderful result, as is keratin treatment good for hair loss.

Serums or gels with keratin

In addition to flushable means with keratin, there are many serums gels with high keratin content.

These products are used in tiny amounts on already washed hair. These products create protection from UV rays, improve the condition of split ends, remove static and frizz, give a natural shine and well-groomed hair.

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