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ED: How to Live with and Overcome Erectile Dysfunction

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Nearly all men have suffered from it at some stage in their lives, but its always a topic they just don’t want to discuss. Erectile dysfunction is something that you cringe at when you hear it mentioned, but it’s actually something far less embarrassing and has plenty of causes. Even men as young as the fresh-faced 18-year-old can suffer from ED. It is so common that it’s reported to affect about half of men between the ages of 40 and 70.

A look into ED and how it affects men was taken by access doctors and is aimed at helping the everyday man understand and overcome erectile dysfunction. The topic is slowly making its way back into the conversation, which is an excellent development for men worldwide as now it’s far easier to find access to methods of overcoming ED.

What is erectile dуѕfunсtіоn?

 Erectile dуѕfunсtіоn іѕ a medical соndіtіоn whеrеby a biological mаlе is unаblе to асhіеvе а full or partial еrесtіоn and/or us unable to maintain that erection during the course of sexual activity. An erection is caused by chemical impulses sent from the brain to the muscles in the penile area. It is usually triggered by a form of sexual stimulation, either physical contact, mental stimulation or sensory stimulation typically associated with sexual actions. An erection occurs when nitric oxide causes the penile muscles to relax and allow the blood to flow into the phallus. As a result, the blood accumulates in the area and causes the limb to inflate. The erection can then be reduced through the presence of another chemical: рhоѕрhоdіеѕtеrаѕе tуре 5. This chemical breaks down Nitric oxide, which causes the penile muscles to contract and the erection to lose its form. 

Physical causes of ED

Like with any physical change to the body, ED can be caused by other conditions. Persistent ED could be a sign of health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure (which can also be a symptom caused by another health issue). It is essential that if you have persistent ED, then you should seek a medical professional to conduct tests and see if you are suffering from any of the above listed. 

A side effect of certain medicines?

Depending on your other medical conditions, your ED may be caused by your medications. Therefore, you should always double-check the side effects that your medicines may cause, and if you believe there is a correlation between your ED and your prescription, you should speak to your doctor and see if there is an alternative. Access doctor provides a helpful list of common medications that can cause ED, which you can check out if you have any concerns

ED is a condition that many men live with in silence and may sometimes try to self medicate. If you ever have concerns surrounding your ED, you should seek professional medical advice to rest any concerns you may have with it being tied to other health conditions.

David Tobin did his degree in psychology at the University of Hertfordshire. He is interested in mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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