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How to Know Teen’s Facebook Activities on Targeted Device?

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Social media happens to a wild beast for teenagers and they are spending too much time on it. The appealing features of Facebook have made teens obsessed with it. Therefore, parents, these days want to know teen’s activities on social media websites FB.

Parents have a variety of reservations over youngsters’ inappropriate activities on the messenger. Features like text messages, conversations, voice and video calls, photo sharing, video sharing, and Voice messages have made social media best in the world. Seemingly, all the features of the messenger look cool, but these have made teens vulnerable to online predators.

Teens are used to interacting with strangers for hookups online, online dating, and also willingly encounter with the stalkers, and sex –offenders. Therefore, parents should get their hands on the cellphone monitoring app.

What is the cellphone tracking app?

It is one of the best applications of TheOneSpy. You can install it on your teen’s mobile devices and get access to the web portal and use advanced features to upload information on the target device.  It was developed and tested for digital parenting. Over the years, it has got immensely positive feedback from the users.

 Users can use its features such as screen recording, screenshots; call recording, VoIP call recording, keystrokes logger, and browsing history. Furthermore, users can use remote features likewise, block incoming calls, text messages, and block internet access.

 The application is easy to install and all of its tools are user –friendly and easy to navigate on the target device to get valuable information on teen’s Facebook activities. For more details, users can do a live chat with the customer support center after having the subscription.


Cellphone surveillance software is compatible with mobile and tablet devices of the Android monitoring softwareYou can use it secretly on the target devices running with up to OS 10 version and latest. It can remain hidden and undetectable on the target device

Install TheOneSpy to know the teen’s Facebook activities

Do you want to know the activities of teens on the messenger, and then you need to visit the web page of track a phone TheOneSpy. When you have the access to the web page then get the subscription. You will receive an email alongside the credentials. When you have got the password and ID, then get physical access on the target device. Now start the process of installation and instantly activate the target device. Once you have ended up with the installation process successfully and activate it on the target device. Now use the password and ID and get access to the online control panel. 

When you have access to the online web portal, then you can visit the powerful tools of the mobile phone surveillance app. Users can use all of their features to track cellphones and installed Facebook messenger. Let’s get to know about the features that can enable you to get the job done convincingly.

Use phone monitoring software to know the teen’s Facebook activities

  • Live screen recording. Users can remotely get access to the target device using Facebook spy app online web portal. You can activate the screen recording app. It certainly starts the recording of the screen in terms of back to back short videos of the screen and the recorded videos deliver to the web portal. It empowers you to record the screen when the teens are using messenger and doing activities. This will let you know all the activities that happened on the target device.
  • Screenshots. Users can get access to the target cellphone device active with FB social media app and capture screenshots back to back and deliver to the web portal. Users can schedule plenty of screenshots on the target device using an online dashboard.
  • Keystrokes logging. Users can use the mobile tracking app web portal and activate the keylogger. It will start capturing and recording the applied keystrokes in terms of password keystrokes, messenger, messages, and email keystrokes.
  • Facebook call recording. Users can use IM’s VoIP call recording app on the target phone without root and record one-sided Voice calls in real-time.


TheOneSpy is the best tool for parents to know about the teen’s Facebook activities on the cellphone device.

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