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How to Keep Your Children and Pets Safe Around Cannabis Products

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Whether you consume cannabis products for recreation or medical reasons, you’ve likely been worried about how to keep them out of reach of your pets and children. Both pets and children can be curious and don’t know that cannabis products like gummies and cookies aren’t delicious snacks you can consume copious amounts of. If you’re worried about protecting them while still ensuring you can consume your goods conveniently, you might like to take some of the following measures. 

Use secure packaging

Whether you have custom weed bags or zip-lock packaging for your cannabis goods, consider using a secure form of packaging that pets and children can’t get into. Hard plastic might prevent dogs from being able to access goods, while child-safety lock lids might stop little hands from opening containers they shouldn’t. Plenty of packaging options on the market are designed to be easy for adults to open but challenging for little hands and paws. 

Keep the cannabis products locked away

There might come a time when your complete focus isn’t on your pets or children. During that time, they can get into things that can be dangerous if eaten. Whenever you’re not consuming your products, keep them locked away in a part of the home your children and pets don’t have access to. A safe can be an excellent and secure option or a simple cupboard with a child lock on the front. You might also decide to keep your cannabis goods up high and out of sight, such as in a tall wardrobe. 

Educate your children

If your children are old enough to understand dangers and hazards, educate them about the importance of not touching cannabis goods that haven’t been made for them. Let them know that they are only for adults and can be dangerous for children to consume. As an added precaution, continue to keep them out of reach or locked away in case curiosity gets the better of them. 

Don’t keep them in the house

Sometimes, the most effective way to keep your children and pets safe is by not keeping cannabis products in the house at all. If you have a garage or garden shed, consider placing them in a secure container in an area of these buildings your pets or children don’t typically venture. 

Don’t consume them around pets and children

Some of the curiosity about cannabis products comes from people consuming goods in front of their pets and children. They might be curious about what you’re eating and think that they can have some too. 

Whether you consume your gummies or cookies recreationally or for a medical reason like stress or pain, consider consuming them in the privacy of your own room or when your pets and children aren’t around. They might then be less inclined to seek out what you have and try it for themselves. 

Cannabis products can be dangerous for pets and children, and you’re likely eager to protect them as much as possible. Choose secure packaging, keep them locked up and out of sight, and consider storing your goods outside your home. These protective measures might ensure your children and pets remain safe.

Zuella Montemayor did her degree in psychology at the University of Toronto. She is interested in mental health, wellness, and lifestyle. 

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