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How to Incorporate the Quiet Luxury Trend into Your Home

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Searches for #quietluxuryhome have jumped by 91% in the past 12 months, and with social media being taken over by #quietluxury and #oldmoney hashtags, people want to invest in high-quality materials without breaking the bank.

Quiet luxury is investing in high-quality materials that subtly exude sophistication and elegance. This interior style creates a comfortable and refined atmosphere in your living space.

Experts from Wren Kitchens and Sanctuary Bathrooms share top tips on how to build the quiet luxury aesthetic into your living space.

Quality materials

Invest in high-quality furniture, fixtures, and finishes. Materials like a marble dining or coffee table, hardwood flooring, leather sofas, silk curtains, and cashmere cushions will provide a luxurious touch to your interior space without looking flashy.

However, be careful of adding all these elements into one room because it can look disoriented if not done properly. Consider other materials and elements already present in your room. For example, adding cashmere cushions to a leather sofa may not look visually appealing so a plush sofa may be a better pairing.  

Neutral colour palettes

When trying to showcase luxury, always opt for neutral colours such as whites, creams, and greys, as they are timeless colours that never go out of style. They provide a calming and elegant backdrop, allowing other high-quality materials and unique textures, such as velvet curtains and plush rugs, to shine through. 

James Roberts from Sanctuary Bathrooms adds: “To add a sense of understated luxury to a space while sticking to a neutral palette, opt for marble-effect tiles. This looks classy and expensive, but the look can be achieved using porcelain or ceramic tiles.”

Subtle texture 

Adding subtle textures such as embossed wallpaper throws with delicate embroidery and patterned carpets will add depth to your interior space, providing a quiet luxury aesthetic.

Darren Watts, showroom development and design director at Wren Kitchens says: “You cannot be luxurious without adding a statement piece and soft furnishings. Selecting a well-chosen statement piece such as a unique kitchen island arrangement, range hood, stunning backsplash, plush bar stools or elegant textiles will reflect your personal style and add to the quiet luxury aesthetic.”

Custom furniture

Investing in bespoke furniture and cabinetry that suits the dimensions and style of your space is the perfect way to invite in the trend. Custom pieces such as built-in kitchen and bathroom cabinetry will add a sense of uniqueness to your space by reflecting your personal style. 

Darren adds, “Using stone countertops such as marble and quartz, high-end cabinetry with soft closing, smooth finishes, and hardwood flooring is the perfect way to achieve the quiet luxury look. Investing in quality lighting is also a must – pendant lights, under-cabinet lighting, and chandeliers are perfect for adding a touch of elegance to the space.

Non-integrated appliances can make your kitchen look cluttered and less sophisticated. Integrating built-in ovens and microwaves whilst concealing dishwashers, laundry appliances and fridges behind matching cabinetry will give you a seamless and minimalistic look that will elevate the sense of understated luxury.

James further comments: “In line with having furniture that fits the space in a room, walk-in showers are a great way to make any bathroom look more spacious, as well as adding a sense of luxury. Pair a walk-in shower with brass or gold fittings to elevate the expensive look, and add marble tiles to the walls inside to add a classy focal point to the bathroom.”

Art and accessories

No luxury interior is complete without artwork. Investing in a painting, sculpture, or unique installation with intricate details will enhance the room’s aesthetic. Don’t forget to consider the balance and symmetry of the room when choosing the artwork, as that can make a big difference in the desired look. Balancing furniture and accessories symmetrically will create a calm and comfortable atmosphere.

Remember that quiet luxury is about creating a calm and elegant space. Always opt for high-quality materials and natural colour patterns, and integrate everything with the space’s overall design.

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