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How Do I Help My Loved One Who Has Been in an Auto Accident?

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A car accident is a traumatic experience that causes extensive damage to the involved parties. Knowing that a loved one is experiencing pain and grief due to the negligence of a reckless driver is unfortunate. 

When searching for ways to help your family member or friend, Brown-gessell.com advises you to offer your assistance and emotional support. There are some tasks you can do to make their recovery easier.

Dealing with a loved one’s emotional state after undergoing significant lifestyle changes might require additional care when you are around them. If you have a family member or a close friend recovering from a car accident, these points will explain how to give your full support.

Offer to help with basic needs

Asking for help can be uncomfortable for some people. Telling them that you are there to offer help might not be enough. If you want to be supportive, you can always come by with a plate of food to ensure they have eaten a homemade meal. A favourite dish can put them in a good mood. 

Additionally, completing basic house chores is difficult when you are injured. It is always a great help to help your loved one to do the laundry or clean the pilling dishes in the sink. A clean home will help your family relax and rest while recovering from their injuries. 

Furthermore, you can offer to do the grocery shopping so your friend has healthy meal options. When a parent suffers severe injuries in a car accident, a helping hand is always welcome. Offering to babysit sometimes is a great help, as you give your loved one the possibility to rest. As long as your friend meets their basic needs, their recovery will be smoother and more manageable.

Respect their privacy 

Life-changing injuries and financial stress can greatly change your friend’s disposition. Sometimes, injured people prefer to maintain their privacy and go through the hard times by themselves as much as possible. You must respect their time and space if they request to be left alone. Allowing them to process the circumstances and clear their minds might be the ideal help you can provide. 

You can let them know you are available if needed, and you check up on them to ensure their safety without pushing them to accept unwanted help. Coming to terms with new situations where one’s independence is affected might be hard to do.

Mental health

Traumatic experiences will harm your loved one’s mental health and stability. They could experience symptoms of depression, high levels of anxiety, and PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder). These mental issues can potentially lead to insomnia, loss of appetite, and other symptoms that interfere with recovery. 

Accepting their circumstances will be more difficult if your close friend had severe injuries such as losing a limb or other life-changing injuries. There are certain things you can do to offer your support and be understanding while avoiding taking the role of a therapist. Putting your listening skills to work will make your friend feel understood. 

If you notice any alarming behaviours, you can recommend that they seek professional help to ensure their safety. Getting early assistance can immensely improve their mental health and prevent tragic events.

Help them make informed decisions

When someone experiences severe trauma, making vital decisions might be too much to handle. Losing the ability to live your life as you’re used to might be a struggle. In such cases, you must ensure that your loved one makes informed decisions regarding their health and finances. 

Recovering their financial losses is essential for their well-being. Having a hole in your budget creates additional stress. After a car accident, the injured person might suffer present and future income losses, expensive medical bills, and property damage. They deserve to receive compensation for these losses. 

Recommending a knowledgeable attorney to your friend or family member will ensure they receive qualified legal advice. Furthermore, a lawyer will gather all the required documents as evidence to support a personal injury claim and represent your loved one in court. Hiring an attorney will allow your friend or family member to recover financially.

Ellen Diamond did her degree in psychology at the University of Hertfordshire. She is interested in mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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