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How to Grow Old Gracefully

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Senior citizens if you searched in Google are defined as elderly people living in pension. That is correct. However, realistically speaking, they are people who have been through a lot. Some of them are tired and lonely. Others become melancholic and kept on thinking of the days gone by and constantly talks about memories. Some of them are still very active and prefer to live in the present times and be happy.

Physical health

We have this common misconception that older people have weak bodies and are frail. Some say that they should be watchful with their physical activities and too much exercise can be hazardous. These are just common myths. They can do more if they wanted to. Some senior citizens still climb mountains, engage in sports, and go to the gym. It helps them physically fit, strong and healthy. Some even looked young because they take care of their physique.

Mental health

This is also typical to elderly people for most likely, the majority of them suffer from mental diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, depression, Dementia, and memory issues. As people age, our mental health deteriorates just like our body degenerates over time. Many elderly people don’t want this to happen and are determined to lead an active life physically and mentally.

Tips to maintain mentally active

  • Exercise. Physical activity helps us improve not just our body but our mind also because it helps reduce anxiety and depression.
  • Balanced diet. Eating right means good health.
  • Passion. Check your inner passion that was deprived when you were young like painting or drawing or photography. You might not have known it, but you might have a niche for it. It diverts the mind to the subject and become more alert.
  • Gardening and pets. It is our nature to take care of any living being so seeing a plant grow healthy or active pets can make loneliness at bay.
  • Keep your brain active. Play brain teaser activities such as crossword puzzles and gambling like bingo, card games mahjong. It is one of the best ways to sharpen one’s mind.

Online casino for the elderly

Researchers found out that elderly people who are into gambling are healthier, happier, and more active, and have a keen mind. The reasons why older people opt for this type of entertainment are to fight melancholy and boredom and the fear of acquiring Dementia. Since technology and the internet monopolize the majority of the business industries, most elderlies have mobile phones as a tool for their communication with their loved ones and entertainment. Online gambling is one of the favourite past times of the elderly. Casinocrawlers, the leading online gambling site in New Zealand has introduced new online casinos which would make anyone happy. They offer new exciting games with a lot of perks. The thrill that gambling offers to senior citizens motivates them to be more blissful.

Top online casino games for the elderly

  • Mahjong. This is popular in Asia, it is a straightforward tile-matching game and involves at least four players. It has 144 tiles with characters and has many variations. Mahjong is said to help prevent forgetfulness and helps them improve planning, memory retention, and calculation skills. It can now be played online hence a player can invite three other people to play online. It promotes socialization among seniors for they not to be lonely.
  • Card games. All kinds of online casino card games are played from Baccarat, Poker to Blackjack and Solitaire. They declared that it improves their visual memory because card games require concentration.
  • Bingo. What makes this game incredibly popular is because its rules and instructions are so easy to learn. Players have to buy an online ticket, when the number is called, the system will cross it for you. Random numbers will continuously be called until all the numbers on the card have been crossed out through Autoplay. You get the bingo once you get the straight cross out vertically or horizontally. Bingo enhances the adrenaline rush because of the excitement that it brings.

Final insights

Growing old is an inevitable phase and there are no exemptions. We all go there, eventually. However, it depends upon us on how we lead our life regardless of our age. The games that are mentioned are one of the many ways to fine-tune an ageing brain and to maintain healthy life physically and mentally.

Alicia Saville did her degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. She is interested in mental health and well-being.

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