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How Good are Juvederm Fillers?

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Juvederm is one of the most well-known and popular products for contour plasty. Like most fillers, it contains a synthetic analogue of natural hyaluronic acid obtained by bacterial synthesis in a sterile laboratory environment.  The manufacturer is the largest US company Allergan whose products have proved well in practice.

Juvederm (you can find Juvederm online here) is highly appreciated not only by patients, but also by cosmetologists. And there are objective reasons for that – the dermal filler is distributed under the skin as evenly as possible and is distinguished by its long-lasting effect.

Distinctive characteristics of Juvederm fillers

The Juvederm fillers contain hyaluronic acid in record high concentrations. For this reason, experts use them in cases when it is necessary to achieve a pronounced effect.

The products are transparent, viscous gels of different density. Such a rich selection of products enables cosmetologists to choose the most suitable product in each individual case.

The gel inside the syringe is hydrated (saturated with moisture), so it is better assimilated and absorbed by organic tissues. In addition, the gel has a cumulative effect – the ultimate result of the procedure is visible only a day later, and it is almost always a pleasant surprise to patients.

Juvederm can be combined with other preparations, which is also a significant advantage. You do not have to wait for the filler you have previously been given to be absorbed in order to have a new intradermal filler injected. Two or more products from the line are usually used to correct several facial areas.

Juvederm is used not only for light contour plasty, but also for volumetric face modelling. Thus, it can be used for non-surgical rhinoplasty, to make cheekbones or cheeks bigger, to correct the shape of the chin. This is especially important for those who want to ‘try on’ a new image in advance before a proper surgical intervention.

Product line

The Juvederm line of fillers (here is the catalogue fillers) impresses with its abundance and variety. Each filler is intended for specific purposes, which makes the product even more popular and convenient.

  • Juvederm 18 – is aimed at smoothing out fine mesh lines (for example, in the periorbital area).
  • Juvederm 24 – eliminates wrinkles and grooves of medium intensity, corrects the vermillion border, smooths out the first age folds. 
  • Juvederm 30 – provides easy facial modelling. It is sometimes used to correct the shape of the lips, especially in post-traumatic scarring changes. 
  • Juvederm HV – is used in global rejuvenation procedures and has a pronounced anti-age effect due to its high degree of cohesiveness. 
  • Juvederm 24-HV – is indispensable for the elimination of nasolabial and marionette wrinkles of different depths. 
  • Juvederm 30-HV – corrects the contours of the face, lifts sagging tissues, fills in the areas that lack volume as a result of age-related degradation of subcutaneous fat. 
  • Juvederm Voluma – is ideal for partial and full 3D-modelling of the face. It is suitable for patients over the age of 50.

The products of the latest generation (Juvederm Ultra) contain a local anaesthetic, which makes the procedure comfortable and painless.

Specialists prefer to vary and combine the above-mentioned preparations with each other. It helps to achieve the best results in patients with radically different aesthetic imperfections.

Estimated duration of effect

The effect of Juvederm is maintained for 12–14 months, which makes the filler particularly economical. If you have regular corrections, you can achieve a permanent result.

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