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How Do I Get a Body Like Stephen Curry?

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Stephen Curry is a name of immense prominence in the field of basketball. His agility, fitness, and chiselled body are noteworthy. However, what does it take to build a body like that? It takes years of sheer hard work and dedication.

If you are looking forward to developing a perfectly sculpted body like Stephen Curry, you need to have a look at how he nails it with perfection. This article will give you an insight into Stephen Curry’s diet plan, workout plan, and recovery mechanism.

Strategise your workout like Stephen Curry 

If you are looking forward to following the workout plan of Stephen Curry, here is how you should plan your exercise throughout the week. This portion enlists how he exercises on each day of the week, starting from Monday to Friday. 

  • Stephen Curry’s Monday workout session stresses the development of his chest. For this, he resorts to exercises like push-ups, Nautilus presses, Nautilus incline presses, bench presses, incline dumbbell presses, dumbbell fly, etc. 
  • On Tuesday, Stephen Curry works on his back. To improve the structure of his back and strengthen it, Stephen Curry does exercises like pull-ups, seated rows, lat pulldowns, and T-bar rows.
  • Stephen Curry’s Wednesdays include dumbbell lateral raises, dumbbell front raises, Arnold praises, dumbbell overhead presses, lateral raises, front rise, and shrug. All these exercises are sure to hit your shoulders and make you appear in shape. 
  • On Thursdays, Stephen Curry works on his biceps and triceps. He targets his bicep and tricep muscle groups by resorting to exercises like Nautilus curls, Z-Bar cable curls, tricep pressdowns, and dumbbell hammer curls. 
  • Stephen’s Fridays are spent completely performing cardio. To pump up his heart rate, Stephen Curry does treadmill running for as long as 45 minutes.

Stephen steers clear of exercising on weekends. He makes sure that his body gets ample rest. 

Stephen also makes sure that he maintains the flexibility and agility in his body by stretching and cooling down after his exercise sessions. The perk of stretching is that it helps to avoid injuries. I hope this gives you a clear idea of Stephen Curry’s workout routine.

What does Stephen Curry do on off-days?

Despite all the fame and reputation, one thing that Stephen Curry absolutely does not miss out on is spending adequate time with family. The off-days are also important, as they help him give his body adequate rest and recovery time so that he can train and perform well.

If you have a look at Stephen Curry’s routine on an off day, you will be pleased to see that the gentleman leads a pretty simple life while striking the perfect balance between career and family. He makes sure that he spends adequate time with his kids.

He also uses the off days for self-development activities like neurocognitive training, practising and training basketball, and so on. 

Nevertheless, his off days are pretty casual, which he spends napping, enjoying a movie with his family, gorging on delicious meals cooked by his wife, who is an excellent cook. He also celebrated a little bit of ‘no screen time’. 

In a nutshell, although casual, Steph’s off days are pretty organised and productive. 

Stephen Curry’s diet 

How can you not eat healthy as well as interesting when your other half is a much-celebrated cook? Steph’s wife, Ayesha Curry is a great cook. She makes sure that Steph Curry eats healthy and gets all the calories that are required for his healthy being. 

Here is how the maestro eats: 

  • For breakfast, Steph Curry eats fruits with cereals, eggs and milk. He also drinks some green tea or fruit juices. 
  • For lunch, Stephen Curry eats paneer, lentils, three vegetables, and a salad made of seasonal vegetables. He also eats rice, chapati, and salad. 
  • For dinner, Stephen Curry takes a couple of vegetables that are non-heavy and couples them with chapati, rice, and salad. 

Ayesha Curry makes her husband a glass of smoothie for breakfast that is rich in antioxidants and fiber. The curry family is also very fond of Ayesha’s famous pasta recipe and some chicken with the pasta. Before going for a game, Stephen Curry likes to munch on a jelly sandwich and peanut butter. 

Surprising, ain’t it? Stephen Curry’s diet shows that he does not restrict himself or refrain from consuming all the delicacies that he loves. Nevertheless, with the help of his wife Ayesha, he makes sure that he gets his nutritional requirements fulfilled from his diet.

A sound sleep helps him perform better 

While other performers or persons of eminence may like to cut down on their sleep and pursue other activities like clubbing and socialising, that is not the case with Stephen Curry. 

Steph makes sure that he gets eight hours of uninterrupted sleep each day. He also says that sound sleep helps him perform better. 

He also firmly believes that using your phone prior to sleeping can negatively affect the sleep cycle. Therefore, he makes it a point to turn off all his gadgets and appliances before he goes to sleep and cuts out on the screen time. This keeps his sleep pattern from getting disturbed. 


Not only this, but Stephen Curry devotes enough time to the recovery of his body. He makes it a point to perform tons of stretching exercises such as soft tissue restoration and yoga. 

Another kind of recovery method that he follows is known as sensory deprivation tanks. This method includes dipping the entire body in a tank. The tank contains water at body temperature and is saturated in magnesium and Epsom salts. As Steph floats in the tank, the minerals work on the repair and recovery of his body cells. 

Hope this gives you a complete idea about how Stephen Curry maintains his physique. He does everything in an organised manner, not overworking on anything. Therefore, the reason behind his lean and agile body is quite evident.

Adam Mulligan did his degree in psychology at the University of Hertfordshire. He is interested in mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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