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How to Find Your Signature Look

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Have you ever come across a person who always looks the same and is popular for their dressing style? Well, it’s because they have developed a signature style that has defined their overall personality. 

Depending on your personality, work, and preferences, you can also develop your signature style. If you also want to establish your signature look, then we will discuss all you need to know about it here. 

Defining the signature look 

Signature style serves not only as a fashion statement but also as a visual advertisement of who an individual is, what type of tastes they are into, and their lifestyle. 

It’s all about choosing a quintessential and recognisable combo that will be the signature of the person wearing it. It can involve a wide range of factors, such as the type of clothes you wear, the kind of accessories you have, including stylish hair bow selections, how you keep your hair and body, and how you hold yourself. If you work in the corporate sector, you can create a perfect signature look through polo shirts

Why a signature look matters

  • Self-expression. A signature style is a formidable expression of self in which individuals can project their beliefs, tastes, and personal qualities through how they dress without saying a word. Visual language, an artistic as well as a spoken language, is read by others.
  • Confidence boost. It may take time, but being yourself and showing your unique style makes it easier for you to feel confident. Authenticity and a good mood from wearing clothes that allow you to feel both comfortable and true to yourself will affect how you interact with others, making you more confident, clear-sighted, and self-assured.
  • Memorability. The uniqueness and stylishness of your style are what defines it and what people will remember you for. Among peers and co-workers, the person with an extraordinary, catchy signature look is much easier to recognise.

Elements of signature look 

  • Clothing choices. A signature style incorporates a variety of clothing that is in harmony with the individual’s style. Whether it’s the choice of classic tailored suits, dynamic streetwear, or a combination of different styles, the important thing is that it should be coherent. How you dress up lays the foundation of a personal sense of style. One of the reasons is that when you start wearing a particular color, pattern, or type of garment for a long time, it creates a signature style for you.
  • Choice of accessories. You can see from watches and bracelets to hats and eyewear; accessories are essential to making an iconic look. These artefacts are the ones that come from the very heart of the matter and create a strong connection with the person involved. The key point is to pick accessories that will match your general ensemble and emphasise its harmony.

How to find your signature look 

  • Take inspiration from your favourite style icons. Experimenting with style icons and taking in their ideas can finally become a very self-fulfilling and empowering process when you discover your signature style as a man. Search individuals whose style is very much in tune with yours, and regardless, it reflects the most important part of you. Assess style features that work for you. It might be the perfect tailoring, the chosen color, or the way she walks. What catches your eye in their style is what you need to be aware of, and you need to use this information to incorporate these elements into your own wardrobe.
  • Think about what suits your personality. Self-reflection is a key and initial milestone in discovering your center of style as a man. It includes exploring your inner self by examining all the elements of your life, including your character, habits, and preferences. Firstly, look at your personality traits to determine them. Do you categorize yourself as either an introvert or an extrovert? This comes down to either the classy elegance or the casual and relaxed style; which is your favorite?  Your style choices are an expression of your personality, such as an attribute of you that will contribute to creating a style that feels natural for you.
  • Experiment with different types of styles. Stay open-minded to experimenting with different styles. This is the period to widen your personal style scope by trying out the looks that might be out of your comfort zone. Being open to new things opens your eyes to unforeseen results and elements that can be a part of your trademark look. You can mix various styles to develop a specific and individualistic design. Take vintage pieces, for instance; combining them with contemporary or streetwear-inspired ones can make a timeless and modern look.

Ellen Diamond, a psychology graduate from the University of Hertfordshire, has a keen interest in the fields of mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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