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How to Find Your Angel Number with Your Birthday

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Your angel number can represent your most authentic and purest self and your current state and approach to life. Knowing them can provide reassurance and guidance about things happening in your life. 

You must be wondering what are these angel numbers.

Angel numbers are usually a series of similar numbers that you frequently encounter. For instance, you may see 111 or 444 on the clock, a license plate, or a receipt. 

These numbers align with your life and the steps you might be taking. Hence, knowing what they mean can be a reassurance. 

But first, we need you to figure out how to find yours. Let’s begin! 

How to find your angel number? 

There are three ways to find your angel number: 

  • Your birthday 
  • Intuition 
  • Your name 

Your birthdate, month, and year are essential to finding your angel number. The number you obtain using your birthdate can also be validated through the results you get using your name and intuition. 

Keep a check on what numbers you usually see and whether they align with the number obtained through these calculations. 

You can either use a calculator and simply insert your date of birth in the system, or you can evaluate it on your own. Keep reading to learn how to do that. 

Finding your angel number with your birthday 

Your birthday includes the date, month, and year, all numbers. Adding all of these numbers can lead you to your specific angel number. 

  1. Firstly, write your birthday in numbers. For instance, 8 August 1982 will be /08/08/1982
  2. Add the numbers in the date. For instance, 0+8=8; if it’s 18, it will be 1+8=9. 
  3. For the month, again, add the numbers the month represents. In this case, it is 0+8=8, but in December, it will be 12, so 1+2=3 
  4. Add all of these digits separately, 0+8+0+8+1+9+8+2
  5. The sum is 36; now add the two digits to reduce it to a single number i.e. 3+6=9 
  6. Nine is the angel number with this date of birth. 

Here’s more:

  1. You may also add the number of the year separately, such as 1+9+8+2= 20, and then reduce it to a single digit, 2+0=2. Then add it with the rest, 2+8+8= 18, and reduce it to one number 1+8= 9 again 
  2. If the end sum of the dates is a two-digit number, add the two digits together to reduce it to one. 
  3. Though 11, 22, and 33 are master numbers, they will be your angel numbers.  

Why is knowing your angel number important? 

Angel Number Info on your angel number can help in understanding your life journey better. Some of these numbers are for reassurance that you are on the right path, while others are there to provide guidance. 

Whether it is existing challenges or new risks, the numbers are a sign to take a deep breath and reorganize your thought process. 

It gives an insight into what opportunities and challenges lie ahead. Each number also has some strengths and weaknesses that help you navigate your journey once you know about it. 

After learning about your angel number, always look out for it and what it is trying to indicate in accordance with your current situation. 

Calculating your expression number 

Another way of finding your angel number is using your name. Though, what you get using this method is the Expression Number. 

While the angel number is your life path number indicating your core identity and approach to life, your expression number represents your talents, natural ability, and potential. 

It hints at your inner calling, ambitions, and the work that best suits you. While also shedding light on your strengths and weaknesses to know where you can improve. 

To find your expression number, you must assign a numerical value to each letter in your name and then add them all. 

Using your angel number 

Whenever your angel number comes in front of you, make a silent prayer of gratitude as these signs show you certain ways. 

Some angel numbers appear when you are stressed or anxious. In that case, they become comforting, showing whether you are on the right path or if you need to invite some change. 

You can explore your mental health and stress according to the sign you received and implement changes from there. 

It is important to know that angel numbers are not simply 0 to 9.  They usually appear in the form of 111, 222 but can also be in the form of 1444 and 1818 angel numbers. 

Once you know what these numbers mean, you can plan the next course of action accordingly. However, avoid being completely dependent on these numbers and create your fate through your hard work and passion.

Jordan Wayne, a psychology graduate from the University of Hertfordshire, has a keen interest in the fields of mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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