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How a DUI Charge Will Impact a Teen’s Life. What Parents Can Do

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Driving under the influence of a drug or alcohol is considered a severe crime in the US. If a person is caught DUI, they may have to face extreme consequences at the hands of the law. Teenage DUI cases can alter the complete life of the young one; that’s why stricter laws, like the ones in Los Angeles, must be introduced to discourage the practice. In Los Angeles, if a teenager is found to have even 0.01% BAC, they will be charged. You can get help from Los Angeles DUI defense attorneys to avoid a severe conviction. DUI charges can have multiple negative implications on a teen’s life, as discussed below.

Loss of driving privileges

If a teen is caught DUI, there is a high chance that the person would lose a lot of driving privileges. In addition, acquiring a license to drive on the highways, specific categories of cars, and public transport vehicles such as Uber and other services might become very difficult. 

Suspended driving licence

The driving license may get suspended for up to 1 year in Los Angles, and the term can be longer depending on the offence. 

Fines and sentences

In LA, a DUI offence can result in a fine of up to $100 on the first offence, and it can increase if the offender continues to do the same thing again. Furthermore, the teen might have to undergo a 3-months program for DUI rectification. This program negatively impacts the record and may cause difficulty in school admission and employment. This long-term problem can get serious if the same mistake is repeated. 

What can the parents do? 

There are a few things the parents should ensure to avoid any DUI offence and its ramifications. 

Laws and rules of the state

Educate your children about the laws and their requirements. If they want to drive a car, they have to ensure the safety of others and themselves. Teenage DUI laws differ from state to state; therefore, parents must teach their teenagers about these laws and the punishment such offences carry. 

Know the whereabouts 

It is always good to know the whereabouts of your teen, who they hang out with, where they go, and who they meet. If you see any signs of a wrong company, take corrective action immediately. However, be moderate in your approach; otherwise, teenage stubbornness will kick in, and it will become challenging to keep an eye on your child. 

Hire a quality lawyer 

In case of an offence, get help from a qualified DUI defence attorney who would do their best to minimize the fine and sentence. Lawyers know how to handle such situations, and it is highly recommended that you do not try to take up the case yourself. Instead, get professional help, as your teen’s future depends on it. 

To summarize, DUI is a serious offence as it puts the life of the driver and others around him at stake. In some states, such as LA, there is a zero-tolerance policy on DUI, and as a parent, it’s your responsibility to educate your children about the laws.

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