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How Do Vape Pods Work? (A Beginner’s Guide)

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In recent years, innovation and new technology have sped up the vaping industry. Every time you turn around, it seems like a new vaping device or system comes out, all promising to be better than the previous.  

The vape pod system is one of the most cutting-edge technological achievements currently popular with its target consumers. For those unfamiliar with pod system vapes, the functionalities of these devices may seem mysterious. In the next sections, we will reveal how vape pods actually work.

In this article, we will see the main functionalities of vape pods and how they merge to make the vape pods work. Read on to learn more about vape pods.

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Vape pods: What are they?

“Pod” systems are vapes or electronic cigarettes that eliminate the need for a tank and atomiser. The atomiser and tank they replace serve the same purpose, but these devices allow for more discretion and portability when vaping on the go.

The pod is a newer form of vaping technology than its predecessors. However, with the introduction of pods, a new subset of customers has emerged for vaping.

Some vape pods are larger than standard tanks, although the majority are smaller, as 1-2 mL is their normal volume. To use a pod system, you just press the component into the device’s top or bottom and then remove it when it’s empty, or you want to switch flavors.

The battery and storage capacity of pod systems is less than those of other electronic cigarette types. Because of their reduced size, these models can’t compete with others in terms of battery life. These systems typically operate automatically; to inhale the vapor, simply draw on the device, though some may have buttons for human operation.

When first introduced, these new systems’ designs were straightforward. The convenience and portability of pod systems are undeniable, but increasingly sophisticated gadgets are entering the market to provide even more options.

Types of pod vapes

There are two types of vape pods: open systems and closed systems.

Both of these alternatives heat the vape juice, but the way the liquid is transported to the remainder of the device is where the two models differ from each other. Pods in an open system can be disassembled, refilled, and reused as many times as you like.

The pod can be easily refilled by hand in open pod vaping systems. The pods must have a top that can be opened without much effort and a hole big enough to accommodate additional vape juice without spilling. 

The ability to mix and match flavors is what draws people to this type of vape device. Instead of being limited to the pods you already own, you use your extensive vape juice collection to enjoy almost infinite flavor combinations.

On the other hand, closed-system pods can’t be refilled. They’re called “disposable cartridges” since they may be thrown away after they’re empty of vape juice. 

A closed system pod requires the use of disposable cartridges containing vape juice. When the vape juice in your cartridge runs out, you can simply throw away the empty cartridge and purchase a new one. Because of this, restocking and swapping out components is a breeze. There’s no need to stop or clean up afterward, so you can do it anywhere.

These days, you may find cartridges with varying concentrations of nicotine and a broad variety of flavors. However, there will always be restrictions compared to an open-pod system.

How do vape pods actually work?

To function, vape pods require two main components: the cartridge and the battery. When you inhale on the mouthpiece to activate the vaporizer, the two parts coordinate to bring the vapor to your mouth. To learn more about the function of each part, consider the following:

The cartridge

The cartridge is known by different names. While some just call it “The Pod,” many also like to refer to the cartridge as a “topper,” “atomiser”, or its plain and real name, “cartridge.”

The cartridge sits above the vaping system and stores the vape juice and nicotine. While the majority of them come pre-filled, you might still find models that feature a refilling system, allowing you to utilize your existing vape juice bottles.

The cartridge also has a small metallic pipe called an atomizer. The atomizer is responsible for transforming the e-liquid into a vapor that can be inhaled. This tells the vape to heat up the atomizer and vaporize the e-liquid.

The battery

The functions of the battery are much simpler than those of the cartridge. The battery for such devices is typically small and compact. The function of the battery is to detect when vaping is occurring and switch between active and standby modes accordingly. 

There are two different sorts of batteries because of the different approaches they take to this duty. They are:

  • Automatic batteries. A button won’t be seen anywhere on automatic batteries. The user needs only to breathe into the mouthpiece to activate the battery.
  • Manual batteries. Unlike automatic batteries, manual batteries require user interaction to activate the vapouriser.

Most USB wall adapters and wireless charging stands will work to recharge pod batteries.

The interaction of two parts

These two parts serve as the basis for the mechanism of pod vapes as a whole. When the user inhales through the mouthpiece (or presses the firing button on manual batteries), the pod receives a signal to draw power from the battery and activate its atomizer, transforming the vape juice into vapor.

Benefits of vape pods

Many smokers who vape wonder why pod systems have become so popular. Some of the most notable advantages of this vaping method include the following:

  • Slim and lightweight. They are slim and compact enough to carry in your pocket wherever you go. The compact form ensures that it won’t be obvious that you’re carrying one in your pocket.
  • Easy and convenient use. Simply inhale to release the vapor; the design makes vaping a more natural experience. With a closed-pod system, the most difficult task is replacing the pod. 
  • Affordable and cost-effective. You only have to buy replacement batteries when you run out. There is no need for maintenance or replacement parts.
  • Discreet. Clouds are easily spotted, and box mods, due to their size and appearance, can draw unwanted attention. But vape pods are substantially more compact and produce a soft flow of vapor that is difficult to detect by individuals in close proximity.
  • Delightful experience. The stronger liquids and the simple inhalation procedure make vaping from a pod a delightful experience.

Drawbacks of vape pods

However, not every vapuor should use a pod system. Among the most frequently voiced concerns are the following:

  • Higher nicotine levels. Vape pods function better with higher nicotine levels; however, due to TPD restrictions on nicotine, most of these vape juices will need to be acquired outside of Europe.
  • Small batteries. The batteries have a shorter run time. While most devices will only draw power when you take a breath, batteries can still drain rapidly. But at the same time, charging them is simple and only requires a USB cable. If you want to use it on the fly, you might have to get used to bringing the cord along. 
  • Not much helpful in making clouds. It’s not fantastic if you like large, fluffy clouds when you vape. Unfortunately, modern systems won’t provide the same level of satisfaction.
  • Limited options for vape juice flavours. Flavour selections are restricted to whatever is manufactured for use in closed pod systems. However, currently, it is simple to acquire premium closed pods. You can verify it on the web, too.


Whether you’re new to vaping and intrigued by the latest innovations in the industry or a seasoned pro looking to switch things up, a pod system (whether open or closed) offers a really distinctive, hassle-free, and pleasurable vaping experience.

Pod systems for vaping won’t appeal to everyone, but they might work for you. You should have a fair notion of whether or not to try a pod after reading up on how vape pod systems actually function and examining the benefits and drawbacks of these devices. 

Simply put, today’s pod systems are the way to go if you’re shopping for a vape because of how pleasant and cost-effective they are. Stick with your box mod or vape pens if customized blends of vape juice, greater nicotine levels, and massive vapor clouds are your top priorities.

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