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How Do Psilocybin Truffles Work?

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Psychedelic truffles are fungi with psychoactive properties; they contain psilocybin and psilocin. To some people, they are fondly known as magic mushrooms. However, there are some differences between them. For instance, the truffles come from a different phase of the fungi’s development. 

It stores the fungus food reserves so the mushroom can continue to grow. When they contain psilocybin, they become useful for several wellness issues. This has led to an increase in legal psychedelic retreats in countries like the Netherlands. 

What is this substance, and how does it benefit its users?

Different types of truffles 

There are non psychedelic truffles and psychoactive truffles. The former is produced by some species of fungi and is popular for its great taste. They are also quite expensive because they are rare to find in the wild. 

On the other hand, psychedelic truffles do not need special treatment to grow. They survive in artificial farms, so they are much easier to produce. 

Are psychedelic truffles legal ?

Psychedelic truffles are a legal drug in the Netherlands. However, it was not always legal. About a decade ago, the government allowed psilocybin truffles to be sold and consumed without any issues. 

You can buy them dried or fresh in shops around the country. Most people find them easily in Amsterdam. In retreats like Tangerine’s Psilocybin Retreat, you can buy them as well. Do they offer any benefits for users? 

Benefits of psilocybin truffles 

Truffles are legal because they offer some benefits for users. When they are dried, they produce less psilocybin. This gives you a psychedelic experience. 

The experience is short but intense compared to magic mushrooms. It is packed and labeled accordingly to give this effect. The substance is not addictive, despite its many benefits.

Some include peacefulness and euphoria. It also has some benefits for people with depression. A study found that this drug can reduce symptoms of depression. Besides depression, it has been found to be useful for other mental health issues as well.

Another study found that truffles with psilocybin help manage addiction. It works for both nicotine, alcohol, and other addictive vices. Also, the drug has some stress relieving qualities. Those with anxiety can also benefit from psilocybin truffles. 

Where can you find truffles ?

Truffles are only legal in the Netherlands, so you can legally buy them there. In some cases, you may be able to ship them from the Netherlands. However, you need to know the law in the country you reside in to avoid legal troubles. 

It is also possible to cultivate your truffles on your own with mushroom spores. It is easier to harvest the mushroom compared to other species. However, you’ll need lots of patience because it takes time to grow to full size. 

Also, if you’re looking to go on a tour, you can attend a psychedelic retreat in the Netherlands. 

How psilocybin truffles are grown ?

Growing techniques for these plants are similar regardless of the location. Since they are resilient, you can grow them in artificial environments. They can grow in humid or damp environments. Also, sterile environments can grow these mushrooms. 

This type of environment allows the fungi to maintain their truffle stage even if their size increases. 

What the psychedelic journey entails ?

The experience depends on the retreat you choose. It can be taken in tea, or eaten fresh. Also, the dried plants can be made into capsules for swallowing. This makes it produce an intense effect that includes mystical feelings and emotional insights. 

For some people, the experience includes a rush of emotion and euphoria. Others are immersed in their surroundings and may see blurry shapes. They may also experience a dissolution of their sense of self as it becomes one with their surroundings. 

Colours appear more intense or brighter as characters morph into new shapes. This feeling lasts as long as eight hours but could depend on the dosage.

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