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How to Determine the Best Place To Buy Your Vaping Supplies from

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The choice of your vaping supplier can be very personal and options abound. They have become ubiquitous in every mall and high street, and a search online will generate millions of results.

The decision is significant; as humans, we are prone to being “creatures of habit”. Once we are happy with our choice, it can be difficult to shift toward a different outlet. 

If you are pleased with the quality provided by your local high street vape store or have been fortunate to discover one of the best online suppliers like the Red-Vape Shop, you could well be a customer for life. The question is how do you find the perfect vape store to furnish your custom?  

A physical ‘brick and mortar’ vaping store

They are everywhere! You will probably find a thriving vape shop on even the most neglected or abandoned high street! While going into the most high-end mall, they will also have a presence. 

A testament to the popularity of vaping, the number of establishments will probably keep multiplying as the decline in smoking continues, to be replaced by this safer alternative. The upside for the vaper is that the increased options are good for them as competition invariably leads to better service and product selection. 

Chains of shops

A chain of shops can provide the “comfort in large numbers” aspect of shopping for your vape products. They will likely be more financially stable than here today, then go bust tomorrow.

But there is an argument that knowledge, range, and individual touch can also be lost by using chains. With an independent vape shop, you are going to get a more personal interaction where, over time, you can get to know and build a relationship with specific staff members. 

Chains can also be choice-limiting, the more shops in the chain, the more likely the vaping range will be uniform, as they want to be able to provide a brand image. Finally, with chains of stores, staff can be transient and lack motivation, so not only do you not have a relationship but the knowledge base is weakened.  

Online vape shopping 

If you think there are a lot of physical stores, then the number of online retailers will blow you away; vaping is a global phenomenon. A quick search for vaping products will likely take you a long time just to go through the results. 

Deciding on the right site for you to use can be very ‘hit-and-miss’ without the right background info. The important factors you need to look for should be easy to discover. These should then form a set of criteria for your eventual choice.

Reputation is everything with online vaping shopping

As with physical stores, reputation will probably go a long way to deciding where you will place your vaping business. Checking a vaping site’s reputation is easier than you think. A search with the store’s name and location followed by the word reviews should throw up what you need to know.

If no reviews are present, then that is the time to worry. It might just be that they are new, do you want to be one of the first ‘sacrificial lambs’ to try them out, or they have so few sales no one cares?


The locality of the online vape store might at first appear odd criteria for a global industry, but it can make an enormous difference to your purchasing. Ording vaping supplied from halfway around the world might seem cool, but you are looking at extended delivery times and enormous problems if something goes wrong.

When buying from abroad, you have to consider the laws of the country you are purchasing in and how these might affect your rights as a customer. You also need to consider import duties which may prevent you from getting your product, or increase the end price beyond what you thought attractive.

A hybrid of online and physical 

The third option is a combination of both a “brick and mortar” mall-type operation, which also sells its vaping supplies online. In truth, you will probably find that the majority of over-the-counter vape shops will have an online e-commerce arm.

For the buyer, depending on how closely the two work with each other, there can be distinct advantages to finding and using a hybrid setup. If the website operates out of different premises, then the value could well be reduced. 

If everything is controlled from the actual over-the-counter store; you will be able to combine the benefits of online convenience and a physical store’s in-depth knowledge, as well as establish a personal relationship with the staff.

Final thoughts

Whether you go the online or over-the-counter route depends on what you value. If you do not need human interaction, online, with its more comprehensive selection, will suit you. If you like to chew over your decisions with somebody and enjoy the physical shopping experience, the mall or high street shop will be better.

Once you are happy and get into a routine, then the vaping establishment that has won your business and trust will likely have a long-term customer.

Simona LeVey did her degree in psychology at Tel Aviv University. She is interested in mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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