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How to Deal with Workplace Relationships

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How excited we are whenever there are upcoming holidays or just a no-work today schedule. Plans are set and we are looking forward to remarkable well-spent days out of our work area. The excitement we feel is getting out of our boredom or breaking our everyday work routine

On the other hand, whatever we feel in the workplace, we still manage to report for work, as we also have our friends at work. But do you know there are levels of friendship in our workplace? These people help us in our career and personality development. Not all our officemates are our closest friends, but we categorise them based on their impact on our lives. 

These are the types of workplace friends that we cherish:

Work buddy

This is your ‘go-to friend’ – someone who knows how nervous you were on your first day of work. You don’t have to be of the same title or position, this person judges you without hesitation and rejoices in all your achievements. You don’t go out very often now, but you know you have someone to talk to whenever you feel down at work or need someone to listen to.

Career mentor

As you go up the ladder of promotion, you will notice that there is someone who pushes you to achieve more and controls you if you are working too hard, either on yourself or with others. This friend knows your work strategies and willingly offers free career consultations. You present your ideas, both attainable and unattainable at the moment, and you both criticise those ideas.  

Travel companion

Someone you wanted to go along with, either on a long period of vacation or a short walk at the mall. This person makes you realise that work and leisure are two different things. You enjoy each other’s company and make memorable holidays together. 

Life coach

Working is not easy, as well as juggling your tasks at home or elsewhere after work. You feel tired and exhausted most of the time, but this person is always ready to listen and make you realise how to strategise on balancing your responsibilities in a work-life environment.


There are times that we can’t figure out our work responsibilities, and we tend to give up, trying to look for another job, but being a friend with yourself made you realise and analyse why you started your career. You have your friend who is simply the same as you, struggling for some time, yet working hard to achieve more. Learn to compete not with your other colleagues but with yourself. Improvement is how we overcome what we failed to do before. 

Not all our colleagues are our friends. Try to figure out who are those people you work with who changed your perspective in life and allow you to enjoy it while working. Don’t just pinpoint these people, one way or another, be one of these workplace friends.

Rona dela Rosa is the content manager of Psychreg. She is an Associate Professor at the Polytechnic College of the City of Meycauyan.


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