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How to Craft a Sustainable Easter Tablescape

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Easter is just around the corner and whether you’re hosting or updating your space for spring, creating an inviting tablescape is essential to setting the mood.

Innovative interiors brand Ruggable has teamed up with Sandra Baker, home interiors writer and content creator, to show you how to create the perfect sustainable and budget friendly Easter tablescape using fresh food and greenery from your garden.

First, you want to pick a colour theme for your tablescape. Sandra recommends: “Start off by selecting your colour scheme. This isn’t the time for dark and moody colours – Spring is in the air after a long winter and we’re all desperate for a bit of invigorating colour. You can’t go wrong with fresh yellows, pinks, blues, and greens – choose one for a cohesive palette or mix and match.

I love a table to be full, a sparsely decorated table doesn’t feel welcoming. If there’s a danger of a huge floral centrepiece creating a barrier between guests, then opt for smaller arrangements dotted down the middle of the table instead. As long as there’s room for food on the plates, all is well.”

There are many sustainable materials you can use when it comes to personalising your tablescape, all of which can be found in your home to save money! Sandra suggests:

“There are so many lovely ways to add personalisation to your tablescape. I use fresh, green apples as place settings with names written in gold on the apple skin, or if the apple has a leaf, this is a great place to write the name. To really create an Easter element, try the classic napkin tied around an egg to create bunny ears, with a name tag attached.”

Sandra’s advice is to bring the outdoors indoors when decorating your Easter tablescape:  “I’d suggest steering clear of plastic chicks and bunnies, in favour of a celebration of nature. Use flowers, branches, potted plants, seasonal fruit and even vegetables to decorate the table. They’re all easy to find and inexpensive, but really bring the outdoors in.

“I love decorating with fresh vegetables! You can create a gorgeous centrepiece with carrots in a clear glass vase with their frothy leaves spilling over the top. I’ve also used a hollowed out cabbage as a vase for a floral centrepiece; cabbage leaves are surprisingly beautiful and create a statement on the table as well as a conversation starter.”

If you’re working with a budget, Sandra recommends: “You don’t need to buy dedicated Easter crockery or linens with chicks on! They’ll sit unused in your cupboard for 11.5 months. All you need is a bit of colour to elevate your everyday pieces, in the form of fresh flowers or blossom branches. Go for a walk and see what you can find. Daffodils and tulips are abundant and cheap at this time of year. Also, use fresh food items that you’d be eating anyway as decor, such as bowls of painted or dyed eggs, chocolate eggs or fresh fruit.”

To tie the colour palette together and create a cohesive look in the room, Ruggable suggests placing a rug in one of the key colours of the tablescape. Designs featuring soft pastels, floral blooms, and ornate medallions ensure your dining space feels refreshed and ready for the spring season. Hosting friends, family, or guests for a meal can be a little nerve-wracking. But with a washable, stylish rug, you can enjoy the moment and not worry about the cleanup to follow.

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