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How Do You Combine PDFs?

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A PDF splitter can have many functions apart from the one evident in its title. A PDF splitter can not only split PDFs. It can also help users to merge PDFs as well as combine PDFs. There are several ways that a PDF splitter can do this, but they generally follow the same methods. Users must first upload their file or files to the PDF splitter and then follow the prompts to pick and choose which pages are deleted or combined. The different PDF splitters online often have the same user interfaces as each other, so they are all very easy to use. They are often also free-to-use, depending on the program and what users want to achieve with them. 

The step-by-step process to combine and merge PDFs

The step-by-step process of combining and merging PDFs varies between the various PDF splitters and online PDF editors available. They all mostly follow the same process, as one aim of all online PDF editors is to make the process very straightforward, so users of all backgrounds can utilise them. 

The basic process follows these steps: 

  • Browsing for and opening the files that need to be merged/split/combined 
  • Once open in the program’s browser users can select the specific Merge/Split function 
  • Some programs have specific icons and tabs that make the process easier 
  • Other programs have the function listed among the options in a particular file menu like “Document Assembly” or something else 
  • Opening the Merge/Split function, users will then be presented with the document in a thumbnail format so they can choose which pages they want to be deleted or saved 
  • After selecting those pages, the program will automatically merge the remaining pages and create a new file 

Most PDF to PDF merge tools do not have a limit on the number of merges or combinations that a user can perform. 

The step-by-step process to split PDFs

The process of splitting PDFs is very similar to that of merging or combining PDFs with only the outcome being different. Splitting PDFs only requires that:

  • Users open the file they want to split or shorten in their designated program’s browser
  • Once the file has been opened, users will again view the file in the thumbnail style
  • In the thumbnail view, users can see what pages they specifically want to separate and which they want to leave 
  • Once they have selected the pages they want to be removed or deleted, they can split them and the program will perform the function automatically 

The splitting process also creates a new PDF file, which will be shortened to the user’s preference and be much more concise. This new PDF file can also be saved, shared, or downloaded to a user’s local hard drive. 

How to choose the best PDF tool for this purpose

Many online PDF splitters give users different options and have different interfaces or charge users for their services. The best option to merge, split or combine PDFs is up to the user to decide, but Lumin PDF is an effective, easy-to-use tool that offers merging, splitting, and combining features all in one package. 

Lumin PDF is an all-around PDF editor that is available for both online and offline use. Users can open any PDF file they want to merge or split, and then they can select the pages they want to remove or keep. Once they have made their selection it is only a matter of clicking the Merge or Split button to create a brand-new PDF file. 

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