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How to Choose the Best pair of Men’s Glasses

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You’re in the right place if you want to know what’s new, popular, and on-trend in the best men’s glasses frame styles. We know that the best pair of stylish men’s glasses will look good, fit your budget, and work with your lifestyle.

So, whether you’re a trend follower, a traditionalist, or somewhere in between, there are plenty of styles for you. We’ve put together all the different ways men can wear glasses, so read on and let us show you the many ways men can look cool and stylish while seeing better.

These top-rated best men’s glasses and popular frames are available with single-vision prescription lenses, progressive bifocal lenses, reading glasses, or non-prescription fashion accessories. You can add a blue light filter for the most protection in front of the screen.

Men’s glasses

When looking for men’s glasses online, it can be hard to know where to start because there are so many options. If you don’t know where to begin when choosing men’s frames, you should first figure out what shape your face is. 

Knowing your face shape lets you choose the ideal frames for your features. If your face is round, rectangular, or wayfarer, frames will look best on you; bold colours and designs will help set off your attributes. Bright colours and prints will also help you look your best.

Once you’ve decided on the type of men’s frame that best suits you, you can begin your search. Remember that you can narrow your web search by brand, form, function, material, and price. After you find a pair of men’s glasses you like, you can use SmartBuyGlasses’ innovative Virtual Try-On tool to see how you would look with them on. 

Glasses come in different shapes

It’s okay if this is your first time buying glasses; be sure you go with a trusted, genuine brand and a timeless style that makes you feel good. Below are the best pairs of men’s spectacles, broken down into four universally attractive forms (wayfarer, round, circle, and square).

SmartBuyGlasses is here to assist you in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of men’s eyewear fashion.

Oval-shaped face

Men with oval faces can wear a wide variety of eyeglasses styles. An oval face has a narrow forehead, broader cheekbones, and a narrow chin. The oval face type is well-balanced because of its long, round contour. If you have an oval face, choose glasses with angles to bring out the natural balance of your face’s small curves. Look for frames at least as wide as the broadest part of your face, which is often the area around your eyes.

Square–shaped face

These stylish glasses can make you look better and make your square face stand out. There are proper angles on the square faces. The face proportions are also very even and a bit balanced.

Round face

There isn’t much difference between glasses that are round or oval. The best men’s glasses styles for a round face are those with tall lenses and sharper angles. Try rectangle glasses if you want your face to look thin and long. Butterfly frames are another great way to give your outfit a unique touch.

Heart-shaped face

People with high cheekbones, a broad forehead, and narrow cheekbones are said to have heart-shaped faces. One thing that makes these face shapes stand out is that they are wider at the top than at the bottom. Choose smaller, more top-heavy glasses if you have a heart-shaped face and want to look like a man.

Diamond-shaped face

Faces in the shape of a diamond have narrow foreheads and full cheekbones. Diamond-shaped faces look best in glasses that are round and light. Some frames look like eyebrows. Look for rims that make sharp features look softer and draw attention to your eyes. Diamond-shaped parts look best in boundaries with smooth curves and thin lines. Try on the Versace VE1263 and the Ray-Ban RX3716VM to make your face look more balanced. With these frames, you can make a fashion statement and keep the overall shape of your diamond-shaped face in check.

Rectangle-shaped face

A pair of rectangular frames from SmartBuyGlasses can never go wrong because they only have “right angles.” Do you choose a rectangular frame for your men’s glasses because it goes well with oval or round faces?

The styles of men’s glasses change so often that you might feel like you can’t keep up. Find out more about the latest trends in eyewear here and become the fashion expert of your group of friends. Now that you know what to do and have some ideas, you are ready to go. 

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