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How Chicago Yelp Can Grow Your Local Business

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Yelp is a platform that publishes user reviews for businesses, helping many Americans make informed choices before patronising a business. It is one of the topmost review platforms in the US, used by over 170 million people each month, with over 30 million of them being unique users. About 240 million reviews are posted each year, and the number continues to increase steadily. Yelp is available in 35 countries, but the bulk of its users (over 90%) are from the US. Yelp is quite a huge platform, generating over $1.1 billion in 2022 alone. 

Why are people more inclined to use Yelp?

The main competitor to Yelp in the US is Google Reviews. People, however, are more inclined to use Yelp reviews because of the massive number of reviews found on the site and the quality of reviews that can be seen on the platform. For instance, reviews that are fake or coerced are generally taken off the platform in order to boost the integrity of reviews on the platform. The process of giving reviews on the platform is also streamlined in such a way as to ensure the trustworthiness of reviews on the platform. 

Yelp also has a number of features that make it the most preferred of its peers in the US. Some of these features include:

  • Yelp bookmarks. This feature allows you to curate a list of your most preferred or frequently used businesses.
  • Request a quote feature. This allows you to get price quotes directly from businesses in order to make informed decisions on which business aligns best with your needs and budget.
  • Yelp updates feature. You can now share businesses conveniently as a message or make reservations on the map, provided you are using iOS 10.
  • Yelp reservations. You can make reservations directly on the Yelp platform without having to make a phone call or even leave the platform at all. 

All of these features make Yelp the preferred choice for many in offering services, requesting and reviewing services online, as well as connecting with service providers and customers as the case may be. 

So, how can Yelp help grow your business?

Yelp can boost business growth and expansion in quite a number of ways:

  • Reviews attract. Good reviews mean increased confidence in your services, which in turn means more people would be comfortable doing business with you. For instance, we buy houses Chicago yelp, which ranks very highly on yelp thanks to the great reviews it has received due to the high quality of service delivery the business offers. People who have never used your service before would not be so reluctant to try out your services for the first time, all thanks to the good (and honest) reviews from other customers who have enjoyed your service.
  • Reviews keep you on your toes. Knowing that bad reviews would most likely ruin the sails on your ship and sink the ship ultimately would keep you constantly adapting and improving in such a way that keeps your customers constantly satisfied with your services and looking for more.
  • More visibility on Google. Small businesses always experience difficulty when it comes to visibility, ranking, and recognition. It is not very easy to get your business out there and get people pouring through your doors, especially when you have steep competition. Yelp helps to level the playing field. Businesses that are listed on the platform usually rank high when results come in after searches are done on Google; this means easy, fast, and credible visibility for your business.
  • Feedback. Reviews from customers who have used your service would definitely help you as a business owner to focus and consolidate your strengths while improving on areas of weakness. These reviews can let you know how customers interact with your business, the unique experiences they have when they engage in your business and their view of your business. You can use this knowledge to brand your business better and shape it in a way that satisfies your unique customer needs.
  • Yelp tools. The platform has a variety of tools that can help you better your business. You can choose from analytical tools, tools that help you track customer engagements, communication tools, etc. All these tools and more can be found on the very same platform, which makes managing your local business less tedious and more fun.
  • Study and learn from the competition. You will agree that a huge part of the growth in business comes from studying the competition. Yelp helps you do that very quickly, efficiently, and easily. From viewing their business reviews to going through their page in order to better analyse their quality of service delivery, this helps you do a study sure enough to give you an edge over the competition as you can adapt your business in such a way as to cover up the gaps they may not be filling, giving you an edge over them.
  • Craft your outlook for your customers. Yelp helps you brand your business in a way that appeals to your potential customers. By managing your profile on the platform, you can craft a professional look for your business that sends the core message of your business to your potential customers at first glance. It gives you the platform to invest directly in the way consumers view your business.
  • Finding customers. Believe it or not, Yelp saves you the stress of having to start from scratch looking for customers, especially when your business is young and just starting. Many new (and even old) business owners find it exhausting to scour the pool for a customer base. Yelp makes it so easy to connect with people who are looking for the exact services you provide and even helps establish trust the right way, simply based on the good reviews you have garnered.


Yelp provides a variety of great, easy-to-use features to grow your business. You definitely want to take advantage of the potential it offers you. It offers a variety of features that can help with growth and expansion such as boosting visibility, attracting more customers, and providing feedback for improvement. Yelp’s tools and resources make managing local businesses easier and more efficient while studying the competition can give an edge in branding and customer outreach. By taking advantage of Yelp’s features, businesses can establish a strong presence and grow their customer base with ease.

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