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How Can You Move on from a Divorce?

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Getting divorced can be a stressful experience, but it can be a liberating one as well. The divorce rate in the UK is estimated to be 42% but numbers are increasing every year. If you feel your marriage is something that cannot be saved then consult divorce solicitors in your local area

For some, the decision of getting a divorce is a healing one, taken to improve the quality of life of both people involved. However, for others, divorce and the breakdown of a relationship can cause psychological distress and even trauma. Here are some things to help you to move on. 

Seek professional help

Divorce can be mentally draining as well as financially, so checking in with a therapist can help you begin to work through your feelings about it all. 

There are different options when it comes to seeing a professional therapist around a divorce. Some couples opt to start therapy together during the process of getting divorced. Completing a course like this can help to keep the process smooth and communication open. Your therapist can act as a mediator of sorts and help to work out important issues such as housing and parenting.

More commonly, divorce therapy is undertaken as a solo endeavour. Divorce can contribute to mental health struggles so seeing a therapist will help you to keep on top of them. Getting divorced can conjure up feelings of grief and whilst these are normal, a therapist can help you to work through them. 

Rediscover what makes you happy

When entering a long-term relationship or marriage, many people unconsciously change themselves and compromise on the things they want to do in order to merge with their partner. It is common to feel lost when you find yourself alone after a divorce.

Whether it is digging out an old hobby or braving it and trying a new dance class, finding something that makes you happy and passionate is key to helping you move on. 

Be mindful of behaviour

It can be easy to slip into harmful or toxic behaviours whenever you face a tough spot in life. Things such as drinking too much, eating too much and spending on unnecessary things can easily spiral and become bigger problems. 

By being aware of how your mental health manifests in your actions you may be able to prevent yourself from getting into difficulty. These types of behaviours merely numb the feelings you should be dealing with which can also mean they are buried. Numbing your feelings means you are prolonging them which can make them harder to deal with.  

Allow yourself to move on

When a marriage breaks down it is common for people to feel as though that was their only shot at love and happiness. Whenever you feel ready, you can move into the dating scene

It is worth bearing in mind that healing from an event like this isn’t linear, and comparing yourself to others will not help. Just because someone else took more or less time to start dating again has no relevance to how you feel.

Ellen Diamond, a psychology graduate from the University of Hertfordshire, has a keen interest in the fields of mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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