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How Can Video Games Reduce Stress

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At the end of a busy day at work or college, all we want to do is to return home, get cosy, start our computer, and have some fun. The simplest and the best way to do it is to play computer games. They are bright, entertaining, and don’t require any additional skills. Some researchers even say that video games can reduce stress and help to unwind. We decided to find out if it is true and made a list of seven reasons why gaming can be a great instrument for your mental health.

Mindful meditation

The benefits of meditation have been described by numerous studies all over the world. It helps to improve focus and mental flexibility and reduce stress. Meditation allows concentrating on the present instead of worrying about the past or the future. And that is the state of mind that most gamers achieve when they dive into the world of เกมส์ออนไลน์คาสิโน, puzzles or adventures. Gamers experience a full immersion into the process when completing simple tasks on the screen and achieve the same results as if they were using a mindfulness application.

Instant rewards

Almost every sphere of our life is based on the principles of delayed gratifications. This means we have to wait for some time to receive the rewards – a diploma, promotion, vacation, etc. In this regard, gaming becomes a great way to receive almost instant benefits: you complete a quest or solve a puzzle and get an achievement. This boosts our mood and even improves our self-esteem. By the way, this system of rewards can be applied in a real life as well. Make up a scheme of gratification after any achievement even if you think it is not that big.

There is a psychological term called ‘triumph circuit’. It rewards engagement and iGaming has hacked this pattern. You complete a challenge, succeed, feel satisfaction, experience strong positive emotions, and reduce stress.

Creativity boost

Many of us lack creativity in our daily lives: going to studies or work, doing the chores, shopping, planning, and other routine takes lots of time. It is often impossible to find a quiet place to draw, write, or do anything to release our creative spirits. That is another task that video games solve. Especially when we are talking about open-ended games like Minecraft or Fortnite where you can build the plot the way you want. Just load the game, release your inner artist, and create unique worlds filled with your personality and uniqueness. 

A break from the problems

The world has never been as stressful as it is right now. Every day we have to run very fast to keep up with all the tasks and responsibilities. We scold ourselves if something goes wrong and compare our achievements with the ones of people on social media. All of this creates a bunch of problems and sometimes they are too much to bear. That is when video games step in and allow you to take a pause. When playing, you don’t have to worry about deadlines, arguments with friends, or failures. 

Dopamine release

Another reason to choose video games is that it is one of the easiest ways to let our brains release dopamine which is also called the happiness hormone. It is released when we do the things we love, hug, eat tasty food, etc. Unfortunately, sometimes it is challenging to have these pleasures here and now, so replacements like gaming become a great alternative. Most video games are free of any charges and can be enjoyed at any place and time, so the dopamine is with you no matter where you go.

A place for communication

Although we are living in times of social media, many of us feel lonely and isolated. But thanks to gaming this issue can be less stressful. It is a well-known fact that gaming creates a positive environment for socialization between people with shared interests. You communicate to complete quests, trade items and create together. Online interaction is simple, convenient, and can be an excellent choice for introverts who don’t feel comfortable meeting in real life.


Playing video games has multiple advantages – it reduces stress, helps to relax, and builds stronger connections with same-minded people. When gaming, people forget about their problems, develop new skills, and add novelty to their lives. But there is always a reverse side. We are talking about an addiction, as it is one of the most common drawbacks of uncontrolled gaming. When experiencing any signs of gaming addiction, reach a person you trust or contact an anonymous help centre.

Chanisa Mongkhonkay is the lead content editor at Thai CasinoHEX. She is an expert in iGaming and is always happy to share her experience and knowledge with the readers.

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