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How Can Pharma Brands Get More Reliable with Packaging?

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Pharma sales are trust-driven. Buyers don’t switch brands unless there are availability issues or recalls. Because of this, brands run extensive marketing campaigns to draw customers and establish a reputation in the market. Out of the various ways brands can win customers’ trust and retain them, using custom printed medicine boxes is quite an effective one. These boxes are fully customisable and increase the visual appeal of a brand’s offerings.

Here are five tips to win consumers’ trust via special medicine boxes

1. Make the boxes relevant

An excellent way to make your boxes appealing is by making them relevant. Medicine buyers are looking for a solution to a health problem. While buyers don’t have many options for prescribed medicines as they prefer the suggested brand, the behaviour is totally different when it comes to over-the-counter boxes. In the realm of these medicines, it is the buyer who decides which one they want . 

If the box is made as per the insights from the target market, it can create an instant connection with the buyer. This leads to greater trust in the specific medicine and less hesitation when buying your brand’s other offerings.

2. Provide maximum information on the box

Another excellent and highly effective technique brands can use to win the trust of customers is by providing relevant information. This is also a bit of a technical step while designing custom medicine boxes, as brands have to ensure that they display the FDA-approved logo on the box along with other design elements.

Moreover, mentioning salts, dosage guides as per age or weight (if it is for children), side effects, batch numbers, production and expiration dates is vital for winning customer trust. Many modern-day medicine boxes contain QR codes that buyers can scan and then learn about the medicine in detail. Some brands also use AR codes for an immersive experience.

3. Ensure patient compliance

These boxes can help patients adhere to their prescribed medicine and dosage. Brands can go for interactive custom boxes that help patients take their dose on time. How can they do it using technology?

To understand this, we need to look at patient behaviour when it comes to medicine. The readiness to eat a dose is higher instantly after buying the medicine, but it fades out after a few doses or when the patient starts to feel better. Brands can put QR codes on the boxes that take patients to an online portal where they can enter their dosage routine and their cell number. They’ll happily do it after buying the medicine to ensure they recover timely and for the sake of trying a new feature. Pharma companies can use this information to send reminders to timely take the dose.

High-end hospitals and doctors are the only ones who offer these services. If a pharma brand uses it on its box, it can multiply sales and build a loyal customer base in a few days. 

4. Ensure the right materials for packaging

The packaging materials you select for custom medicine boxes also matter a lot when it comes to customers’ opinions about a brand. Firstly, a sturdy material is essential for protection. Most users keep medicine in the box until all of it is used. If the box tears or breaks before the medicine is consumed, it doesn’t send a good signal. Buyers will prefer shopping at other brands next time.

Secondly, the material should be eco-friendly and recyclable. Eco-conscious buyers look for boxes that don’t have a bad impact on our planet. So, getting green medicine boxes can also help you win buyers’ trust.

5. Deliver maximum ease of use

Most medicines are used once, twice, or three times a day. Brands must ensure that the overall design of the box is easy to open, use, and close. For example, you can use tuck boxes for packing pills and capsules. Another way to design effective packaging for over-the-counter medicines is to use custom display boxes. Cream boxes are best for medical creams and ointments. Moreover, having variations like a hanging flap and dispenser at one end can make things really easy for users. People remember such features when shopping again and ask for your brand specifically.

A peek into custom medicine box benefits

Protection and durability

These boxes provide maximum protection from external elements like UV rays, heat, moisture, and weight. Although most medicines are packed in plastic housing that serves as a barrier between the pills and external elements, these boxes can amplify the protection factor. For medicines that come in glass bottles, you can ask your supplier to use inserts and cushions for extended protection.

Better brand perception

A high-quality, custom printed medicine box raises your brand’s image in consumers’ minds. When the buyers are inspecting a medicine, a box with a solid feel tells them that this is a high-quality product from a good brand. At this point, you can easily win the game over other brands.

The pharma industry is highly competitive, and advertising plays a vital role in creating a loyal customer base. Custom boxes for medicines allow brands to put their name and logo, information, colours, and shades to craft a strong identity.

Excellent ROI in the long run

Most medicine brands plan for a long-term stay in the market. A sensible brand doesn’t make decisions based on timely benefits. They check out the pros and cons of every action before they make the move. These boxes may slightly increase the packaging cost, but they are worth every cent. They have an excellent return on investment (ROI) in the form of a better brand image, customer attraction, and retention.

How many boxes should brands order?

Since medicines are usually made in large batches after approval from the FDA, brands should go for custom medicine boxes wholesale, as this is a much better option than getting these boxes in smaller quantities. It can help you cut costs, as most sellers offer huge discounts on large orders.

On the contrary, brands that are testing a product can get medicine boxes in small quantities. Ordering boxes in small numbers is also the best option for brands that want to change their packaging’s design after some time. 

Medicines and custom medicine boxes go hand-in-hand

Some brands argue that allocating a handsome amount of budget to custom boxes is not right. They may be correct in their stance, but the current market trends prove otherwise. A majority of brands have built an elevated status in the industry, boosted sales, and created a loyal customer base with the help of bespoke boxes. Together with other marketing and business strategies, these boxes can do wonders for your pharma brand.

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