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12 Ways on How to Build Self-Confidence

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Self-confidence is about growth in order to reach aims and objectives that we set in life. However, self-confidence is like a roller coaster that will go up and down. Here are 12 key steps to help you in raising your own levels of self-confidence.

Remember that somebody believes in you

This somebody could be a partner, close friend, a member of the family, a co-worker/manager. They will have belief in your abilities that you currently may not have. There is no harm in asking them for reassurance purposes.

Think in positive ways at all times

Positivity can be developed by assessing each day. Take each day as it comes and consider three positive aspects to that day. People who think positively normally have a better mind and body balance. Positive thinking enables the neural pathways within the mind to operate with clarity and purpose.

Understand that it can be done

Embark on each task as a champion by having a clear and defined plan. Achieve your task step-by-step. Do not take on a big task and expect to complete it quickly. Have patience and believe in yourself. Rome was never built in a day.

Stay in control of the controllable

Maintaining the controllable builds self-confidence because it provides you with a sense of focus and directive. Remember that you can never control what others are thinking, but you can control what you are achieving.

Engage in mental preparation

One should work on engaging their mind onto each task they embark on. Mental preparation can follow many trends like, mindfulness, reflective thinking, positive self-talk, goal setting, meditation and concentration training among others. One should find a strategy that works for them and then use this to provide that inner desire to build confidence.

Recall previous success

A mantra that I use is related to distance travelled. Think about previous successes that you have had. What did that feel like? How were your emotions during this time? Further, how confident did that make you feel? Recall is a positive mechanism to enable one to rebuild confidence as it associates with belief.

Performance must be consistent

Successful people will build confidence because they are consistent and appreciate the value of success. Consistency is like a habit that is formed through experience of situations. In other words the more you do, the better you become at the task in hand.

Be constructive in own self-evaluation

Through self-evaluation one can become more effective at building self-confidence. Building your own level of evaluation will enable you to become critical. But it also enables you to build on this critique to create higher levels of confidence.

Reflect positively following performances

There is no doubt that the more you reflect, the better you become at practice. Reflective practice relates to becoming aware of your strengths and identifying areas that you can improve. Therefore, logically the more you reflect, the higher chance you will increase your self-confidence levels.

Continuously set short-term goals

Most people suffer from low self-confidence because they allow the issue(s) to prolong and as a consequence fail to deal with problems head on. To overcome these issues, set short-term goals that will enable the flow of confidence (no matter how small) to start. Through constantly achieving your short-term goals you will build your levels of self-confidence like a snowball growing bigger. Short-term goals should be related to processes that can be achieved.

Respect yourself and don’t be too harsh on own performances

Life is about trial and error. As humans, we should look after ourselves and also learn from the many challenges that face us. However, we must not be too harsh either and should take regular breaks. We should eat well and sleep well. We always want respect from others and so why not respect our own mind and body? It is through respect that we can learn to rebuild confidence.

Focus leads to natural confidence

When focused, there is no doubt that our body language and the way we present ourselves is good. Therefore, develop focus through appreciating what is required and build this through application. Address your concerns and tackle any issues early. Confidence building is about remaining resilient in the face of pressure.

Gobinder Gill teaches psychology and research methods.


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