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How to Build the Habit of Wearing Compression Socks – A Guide for Seniors and Carers

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When you start to feel like the cold gets to you easily, maybe it’s time to start wearing protective gear for your dear feet. You may not have liked bothering with it before, but wearing compression socks can be a beneficial health habit.

Understanding why

If you want to do something on a regular basis, you need to know the why and the how of these things. That’s the same with wearing compression socks. Why is it necessary, and how do you go about it?

Wearing compression socks is a sure thing when it comes to your blood circulation. Aside from getting a secure tuck-in, studies show that they reduce swelling and will make your legs feel lighter.

Choose comfort first

When choosing compression socks, always make sure to pick the most comfortable ones, like those from Circufiber. They are widely used not only as women’s diabetic socks but also by those who prioritise comfort in their foot gear. 

So, the next time you look for reliable and comfy socks, find ones that are like a snug hug from the tip of your toes to your legs. 

Start gradually

Usually, people wear something they like as often as possible until they wear it out. But with your compression socks, it’s best not to rush into wearing them all day. Hey, your feet also need some getting used to.

Begin wearing them for shorter periods, maybe a few hours a day. You can then gradually increase your wearing time as you get used to the feeling. It’s for your feet and legs to ease into the experience, tolerate the support, and avoid developing discomfort.

Incorporate into routine

You can start wearing compression socks as part of your daily routine. Maybe slip them on as you enjoy your morning coffee or while winding down during the evenings. As you make it a usual and natural occurrence each day, wearing compression socks will soon become your habit.

Pair with daily activities

It’s best to connect wearing compression socks with all the activities you already have. You can wear them while reading, watching TV, or doing your daily walking meditation. When it becomes a part of your everyday get-up, you will be ill at ease whenever you’re not wearing them. It will be a healthy habit that’s part of your daily routine.

Get the right fit

When choosing your compression socks, make sure they fit comfortably. You’ll be uncomfortable throughout the day if it’s too tight or loose. It’s like finding the perfect pair of shoes. You’ll feel as if they’re made just for you.

Share the benefit

If you’re a caretaker, make sure to share the benefits with those you’re taking care of. It’s best to help your ward see how wearing these compression socks can add a touch of ease to their day.

Make it a positive experience

The best way to make wearing compression socks a habit is to turn it into a positive daily experience. You can add fun and intrigue by picking socks with funny patterns or a favourite colour. It will be like adding a dash of personality and interest to your or your ward’s daily routine.

Listen to your body

Your socks are not just something to put on your feet. It’s best to pay attention to them and how your body responds to wearing them. If you feel even a little discomfort or notice any changes, like marks around your ankle areas, maybe there’s something wrong.

It’s like your body is giving you a gentle poke so you can check, reassess, and adjust to ensure your comfort and well-being.

Celebrate small wins

When you’ve gotten used to wearing your compression socks and feel like they’ve become a necessary part of your daily life, it’s time to celebrate. Celebrate even the smallest of victories, whether you’ve achieved wearing them for a few extra hours. When you feel that extra pep in your step, congratulate yourself on your progress.

Ellen Diamond, a psychology graduate from the University of Hertfordshire, has a keen interest in the fields of mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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