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How Did I Break My Bad Habits by Reading 3 Pages of a Whitepaper?

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When I was browsing creative items on Etsy, I saw an unusual product appear on the search results which caught my attention. In the thumbnail, It was written, ‘It’s your bible.’ I didn’t know what is that but seemed it was for breaking bad habits since their cover title showed that: ‘How to break your bad habits and live a successful life’, and it was an educational whitepaper containing only three pages.

It was looking attractive, so I clicked on that product and read more information related to that whitepaper when I was seeing their images, I was shocked because it was not the usual images that most products have. There were around 7–8 images, each has some sort of meaning which held my attention for a longer time and convinced me to think about it. When you look at their images you will understand how it was designed.

Because it was saying thousands of words in a single image and that’s what caught my attention. I zoomed out the cover and saw that whitepaper contained three stories and 30 steps, which may increase your focus by 3,000%. It was contagious, so I read the full description which made me more curious about that whitepaper because I was also distracted by the technologically advanced world.

So, I decided to get one for myself. It was for only $3, not a big amount for me. Though I was distracted by social media, I did not much serious about it so I thought that this educational whitepaper could help me to overcome common distractions in my life – social media, films, video games, notifications, etc. I call myself a computer geek who spends most of my time with technologies.

So, I could not be focused so much on my personal life and my family often criticised me for my bad habits – using mobile while eating, talking with friends on call for long hours, playing computer games, and I do a lot of bad stuff with my smartphone but I soon realised that It was not helping me to grow in life rather I was wasting my time and these were my bad habits which were hard to break.

But I did not know what to do. So, I watched hundreds of videos on youtube and read many long blogs, articles to overcome distractions but none of them were helped me long time then I became a smartphone addict again who was spending around 10–12 hours a day with technology. I understood soon that it is not easy to break my habits and stay away from technology.

So, I was interested in that educational whitepaper since it was something new for me and also for most people, who are facing the same challenges in their life. After reading that whitepaper I thought it was the best investment that I had ever made because it influenced me a lot basically those three stories, 30 steps which were easy to apply in our daily life and it doesn’t require too much mental effort.

I read it in 30 minutes since it was short but quality information provided by the author and I really appreciate their creativity and hard work to make it simple and short. I have read a lot of long posts on the internet which were not influenced me too much and my bad habits started again. But all those 30 steps not were easy for me, therefore I followed around 20–25 which was enough for me to avoid distractions and focus on my work.

I never thought how easy it was to do the hardest thing which is changing my bad habits to use my smartphone more than necessary. Soon, my focus and productivity improved as many times. Most people don’t want to do anything with their wrong habits because they commonly think that it will be hard for them to avoid distraction and they are happy to stay with it. Even though, it wastes time and decreases productivity at work.

They don’t even think how much time could be saved by just following a few steps designed for helping people to understand how paying attention to unnecessary things may damage their relationships and career. I was one of them who stick with mobile for long hours but after reading 3 stories and 30 steps of that whitepaper, I don’t spend more than 1 hour with technology and only used it for doing most important tasks.

I was a lazy person and did not like to write too much but I wanted to share my story with others so that they could take benefit from that tool. Whether you are a student or a professional or a businessman, technology plays an important role in our daily life and helps us to do the task in less time but in the end, more companies want to get your attention and simplify their products so that they could make more money.

But if you are serious with your life and want to be focused on your work or study then you have to do something about it. And, trust me by just downloading that three pages whitepaper which will really help you to make a better choice to use the technology with the right hands rather than staying with it for long hours with it you can use it for your advantage and live a successful life. I’m confident these steps will help you to prosper in your life because I have applied in my life and saw a massive change.

Aman Aman is an digital entrepreneur based in India. 

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