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How Best to Prepare Your Body and Mind for a Long Drive

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Are you planning on taking a road trip soon? If so, it’s important to prepare your body and mind for the long drive. Lengthy stretches behind the wheel require plenty of focus and can be tiring, but preparation can set you up for a safe journey.

Here are a few tips to help you get ready:

Get plenty of rest the night before

You’ll feel better prepared both mentally and physically if you get a good night’s sleep before you set off. You may have heard people say that eight hours is the right amount, but in reality the right amount of sleep is different for everyone. Some people can get by on seven hours, while others will need as many as nine.

Eat a healthy breakfast that won’t make you feel sluggish

A good meal sets you up for the day. Healthline recommends eggs, which contain healthy fats and plenty of protein – prepare yours in your favourite way and serve on top of toast for some energy-boosting carbohydrates. They also suggest vitamin and mineral-rich fruits to counteract fatigue. 

Make sure your car is in good condition and packed with everything you might need

You’ll benefit from peace of mind and avoid sudden panicking if you know your car is in working order and you’ve got everything you need for the trip, wherever you might be heading.

Plan your route and make sure to take service stations into account

No one likes driving in a new place, but it’s a lot less stressful when you know which route you ought to take. Do this in advance so you can see where the service stations are in your journey, and what facilities they have available. Some have more toilet facilities, food options and parking spaces than others, for example, and those who drive electric vehicles will need to know where the charging points are to avoid range anxiety.

Stay alert and focused on the road – avoid talking on the phone or texting while driving

It’s easy to get distracted on a long trip, especially if you’re on the motorway for hours at a time. But it’s important to stay alert for your safety and that of the people around you. Have a flask of coffee on hand if you need it, and only use your phone for directions (if you don’t have a sat nav). 

If you’re feeling tired, take a break and get some fresh air

Tiredness is inevitable. It can be tempting to carry on and just get through the journey – worryingly, only 57% of drivers say they stop the moment they realise they might be too tired to keep driving.

However, you’ll benefit from a break. Not only will you be able to stretch out your body and relieve any aches, but the fresh air is a great way to refresh your mind and your mood.

So, if you’re planning a long road trip, be sure to follow these tips for a safe and enjoyable journey. And if you’re feeling anxious about the drive ahead, remember that preparation is key – do your homework and get ready for the open road.

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