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How to Become an Expert for the Target Audience Using Instagram Content Marketing

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Instagram is a powerful channel for a huge audience reaching. Therefore, people use a variety of tools for its effective promotion: they buy Instagram followers, set up targeted advertisements, collaborate with bloggers. For effective sales, it is important not only to gain subscribers but also to keep their attention. In this article, we will look at how to involve and keep the audience’s attention using content marketing tools.

How to increase the level of trust in your brand?

It is difficult for people to start trusting if they do not know each other personally. If a person realises his concrete needs, it’s doesn’t mean that he will buy due to objections, comparing with competitors, etc. There are so many tools for building trust and one of the powerful is content marketing. The task is to benefit your potential client even before he pays the money. This can be done in the format of posts and stories on Instagram. 

When making useful content, we show that understand our topic and are an expert, we open up the mechanics that use themselves. Until the moment of payment, we give the person the opportunity to use part of our service, to make him understand how it works. For the account to sell and bring customers, you need to publish helpful posts that include an action plan for solving a problem. They can be supplemented with video. Create posts about mistakes. Our brain is so evolutionary arranged that it is more focused not on achieving a result, but on avoiding negative consequences.

Features of Instagram content marketing

This is one of the cheapest sources of leads. It is important to increase the quality of content, as well as to ensure multi-format.

In the posts, use storytelling, talk about your personal experience, post reviews to build trust. You can also increase social proof by increasing the activity indicators. To do this, buy real Instagram followers, likes to launch the process of natural scaling of the account.

On Instagram TV, shoot lengthy videos that broadcast your expertise or product review.  Make live broadcasts to involve your audience in communication. There can be several formats: combining direct ether with another user, question-answer format, presentation, or webinar. It is very important to announce future planned direct ether in posts or stories.

Make a chain of stories to involve your subscribers and transfer them, for example, to a website. In stories, it is important to interact at a closer level, so show a day from the office or broadcast your lifestyle.

Use videos in Reels, they help to recruit a new audience and involve the current one. In Reels pack your expertise to reach your target audience. Adapt the trending format suiting your niche. For example, add a musical background, such videos fall into the recommendations better.

Instagram is better at driving customer involvement than other social platforms. A well-built content marketing strategy will give you the impression of reliability and attract loyal customers, so follow the next guidelines: create valuable content, collect feedback from your audience, run marketing webinars, and adapt your content to other trending formats.

Alicia Saville did her degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. She is interested in mental health and well-being.

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