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How to Be Successful in Any Business Negotiation

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If you are running a business, you have a lot to think about each day. From hiring the right candidates to making sure each department is running smoothly, it takes skill and focus to be able to succeed in your industry.

There is still one thing you will need to hone if you want to stay on top, find the best opportunities, and keep the revenue flowing. Handling negotiations is just part of your week, but not all negotiations will skew in your favour. Putting your foot in the door and making the other side agree to your terms isn’t easy to pull off. You can become more effective in business negotiations if you follow these tips:

Develop your communication skills

The ability to articulate your arguments in a clear and concise manner is central to any business negotiation. When you hesitate to present a proposal or provide feedback, the other side could see this as a sign of weakness. There is also the risk of misunderstanding and possible conflict if you don’t present your ideas in a professional way. When you’re in doubt about what you are trying to say, listen closely to the other party and focus on the conversation. This is why effective negotiation training is so crucial; it equips you with the skills to confidently articulate your thoughts and actively listen, ensuring that both sides understand each other’s positions without room for misinterpretation.

Keep your composure

Negotiations can become heated back-and-forth debates, with neither side yielding. These are normal, but they shouldn’t cause you to say something that will lead to a communication breakdown. Whatever you do, you need to keep your composure and let reason do all the work.  If you feel like blowing over, ask for a break, stay calm, and try to find other ways to tilt the conversation to your side.

Get help if you must

You may be the owner of your business, but you may not know all the facts in a negotiation. In cases such as negotiating a price for office equipment or offshore services, you need someone to help you analyse a deal and determine if the other party is worth trusting. If you are negotiating a settlement with an employee who was injured on the job, consider getting economics consulting. This will help your attorneys come up with an accurate estimation of your liabilities.

Use logic as your only weapon

It goes without saying that negotiations require advanced problem-solving and critical thinking skills. You only need to focus on the facts that have been laid out on the table. Examine each one and ask yourself, “How will this benefit me? Is there a flaw to this argument?” When it comes to analysing a deal or proposal, it pays to look beyond what’s presented on the surface.

Negotiations are a part of your daily life as a business owner. You may not be efficient at steering them at first, but as you meet new people and sign more contracts, you will be able to hone your skills and avoid a potentially bad deal at the outset. 

Dennis Relojo-Howell is the managing director of Psychreg.


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