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How to Ask for an Extended Leave at Work?

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Are you not quite feeling your best self as something unforeseen appears, which causes a significant life change? Nobody can predict the future! Hence, you need an extended leave at work. If it bothers you how to ask for an extended holiday, this article is for you. It will show the nitty-gritty things to consider while asking for an extended leave. 

So, it’s time to take a deep breath and tell yourself that you have to take a few more times off work! To aid your employer in preparing for your time away, give solid reasons for your absence professionally. First, however, let’s check out the top 5 tips to follow while asking for extended leave.  

Acquaint yourself with your company’s policy

You have to be acquainted with your company’s policy before submitting your sabbatical request. This is how you will get an idea of what should be your next move if the request is declined. 

Skimming through your company policy about leaves, their types, and if it is paid or unpaid allows you to take leave at work easily. Are you planning to take leave to earn an engineering degree online? See the policy carefully to know if you can take exam leaves. 

Put your leave request in writing

Email is the best way to let your employer know about the upcoming leaves. So, you need to submit your formal request for leave through emails, which should consist of the total number of days, starting and joining date, and the reason. Despite the things which you need to mention in the email, ask your supervisor if something extra information needs to be given.

Provide advance notice

You need to be faster and put your request ahead of time to get instant approval. For example, if you’re pregnant, it would be prudent to let your hierarchy know when you will take extended leave so that they make other arrangements for your absence. Furthermore, as employers require approx a few weeks to find someone to cover your position; hence, a timely leave request helps you maintain a positive relationship with that manager.

Offer additional evidence if required

Employers can ask for extra proof for your upcoming leave in various cases. For example, if you need family caregiver leave, as per the every company policy, 8 weeks is the maximum length per year, where you need to provide written notice only. 

On the other hand, you’re eligible to get 3 days to 28 weeks of leaves per year for any basic sick or family medical leave while providing oral and written notice.  

Offer your help

Before being away from your company, you can professionally train one of your subordinates to take care of your job will be helpful. 


These tips are known to provide 100% success. Still, you need to prove to your boss that you’re a passionate and ambitious person who’s not frightened of new setbacks. So, hopefully, this article helps you know how to ask for extended leave at work.

Adam Mulligan did his degree in psychology at the University of Hertfordshire. He is interested in mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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